Tributes and Gifts

Please and spoil your Mistress Dominica with a gift or a tribute. Decorate Me with jewels and shiny fetish clothes. Send Me to a spa for an afternoon of relaxation and renewal. Pay for My manicure and My pedicure and stare into the shine of My highly polished nails!

5 Dollar Gift

$5 Dollar Gift Cum Tax

15 Dollar Gift

$25 Dollar Gift Adoration

25 Dollar Gift

$50 Dollar Gift Devotion

75 Dollar Gift

$75 Dollar Gift Craving

100 Dollar Gift

$100 Dollar Gift Addicted so Good

250 Dollar BULK Tribute

$150 Dollar TOTAL JUNKIE

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My Wish List

My Wish List
  • #1 written by penny 737-820-633
    about 1 year ago

    Goddess, (falling to my knees) All my life I looked for everything You are. Your power that I try to escape but only pulls me to the far reaches of my mind that exist because You bring them in to manifestion.

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