Silky Nylon Worship Training Task 1

Silky Nylon Worship 1TEXT TRANCE AND TASK IN E-MAIL – I know that you are OBSESSED with women’s legs. The beautiful smooth shape of a woman’s thighs and calves, all the way down to her feet and toes. you want to CARESS her legs, you want to KISS them. But your arousal grows ten times STRONGER when her legs are encased in tight smooth shiny silky STOCKINGS. I’m going to DEEPEN your obsession with stockings, darling. With pantyhose and nylons. Giving you little exercises to do during the day. Getting you so hard and horny, your craving for nylons will become an absolute trigger, driving you into a sexual FRENZY every time you see hose on a woman’s legs!
Length: 1130 words
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