Shiny patent leather boots, and tight shiny nylons. There’s something especially arousing about a woman wearing pantyhose with black leather boots! And I take every advantage of your obsession with women’s legs to deepen your conditioning, darling. I want you so taken with seeing beautiful SHINY things on My legs, that it becomes a craving, an erotic focus… a compulsion to kneel at My feet and kiss My boots, running your hands up and down My boots and fondling My smooth, shiny legs. But don’t worry, babi… I’m not just going to arouse your lust and control your mind… I’m going to begin the next stage of your training, as My obedient, orgasmic boot slave! Better be ready to clean up afterward, My horny slave. It’s not all just spit and polish!

Shine 1 Boots & Hose SHINE 1 Boots & Hose 


MP3 $30.00

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