Erotic Hypnosis has been My profession for over 10 years now.  I am a certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner so you are in capable hands!  I love the power rush of mind-control over another person I can not lie to you about that.  Transforming others into anything I wish and everything they dream of, leads to a sort of God syndrome that is hard to equal outside total power exchange.  It is in fact the most intense rushhhhh I have ever experienced thus far in life!  But then I think you love Me loving it so it all evens out in the end darling…
Thank you for visiting today!  In Our ongoing efforts to keep My site updated and current I have decided to use a blog to keep you all informed and updated of My happenings in a more regular fashion.  The shopping cart will also be undergoing an update later this month at some point so it is time for a face lift people smile, grin, and bear it :)  The lay out of this main page will be a bit different than the cart most of the links will point to.  It will be in fact a separate and differently organized link display for an alternative means of navigation through the website.

I do hope you enjoy the new format and feel free to comment and let Me know how your enjoying the new addition as I slowly get it all organized and set just the way I like it.  I must say the removal of techies as in-betweens to the main page updates will certainly gain you the hypnosis enthusiast / mind-fucked slave a more uniquely Dominica experience.  (hehe!)  I thank those techies for their undying loyalty and hard work it is greatly appreciated and often rewarded with the most delicious mental slavery sessions that BLOW their minds and if your brave now YOUR mind too My pet!