Hypnotic Interrogation 3

You have successfully infiltrated the enemy’s headquarters and believe you have escaped undetected with 3 important computer programs. You are now seated at your computer and you start program 1. A cobalt blue and wild cat print spiral appears before your tense body and mind. you are so tense and anxious, but a calm and seductive voice assures you that this is just a spiral relaxation program. This is the introduction to latest edition of My Interrogation series. I have used many different echo effects and balance features to take further Control of your mind. I have also created a powerful new brainwave synchronization technique combining brainwave synchronization and light echos to create a second and third wave of brainwave synchronization at the same time flowing through your mind rendering it completely helpless and inoperable. Be aware and be warned that this is one of the most POWERFUL BRAINWASHING MP3’s I have ever encountered. My words will be PERMANENTLY burned into your mind. You will experience a New and Deeper level of My CONTROL. I know how you Love, Need and Crave to be Controlled by Me, your Mistress, MzDominica and I am taking full advantage of it ;) This is an advanced MP3 that uses hypnotic triggers from Interrogation 1 and 2. These MP3’s need to be purchased and experienced before listening to this powerful new addition to the Interrogation series. Enjoy My slaves as I continue to Seduce you and take Complete Control of your mind. If you have not tried an Interrogation MP3 from My collection yet then know this is very powerful not only because the tone is strong and DEMANDING but it introduces many post hypnotic suggestions so you can truly see it is working in not only a mental way but forcing physical compliance.¬† This MP3 can be used with three mesmerizing visual animations that you can download¬†for free at the link below.


Length 40 min

Our price: $50.00


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