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Blank Jessica 2

This is the second in a series based on training of MzDominica's slut, Jessica Blank. But any of the Jessicas can join in on the fun. Poor little Jessica. You are locked up in one of My little chastity belts. Maybe you've listened to one of My cumslave recordings. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones wearing a physical chastity device, maybe even one personalized by Me. It doesn't matter. The key may be mental, the key may be physical, but it is still MzDominica who is holding it. I own you. I own your sex. But I want you to be a CLEAN slave, too. So, you will be kept clean. But you will not clean yourself, oh, no. You will be reduced to a pet, led on a leash, and sent to the groomer. That's right, you will not be cleaning yourself. The groomer will. And from now on, every time you take a shower, you will go through the same experience. It may look like your hands doing the cleaning, but it will be the groomer, controlling your hands. And you will be locked even tighter into chastity, only able to cum when MzDominica tells you. Can I do this? By now you should know. MzDominica can do ANYTHING.

Market price: $40.00

What if My Voice could shut down your mind completely? That would put you into a coma. It could be nice... to be in a coma. Drifting in mindless sleep. Not even one thought in your head. No dreams. Also, no nightmares... no responsibilities... nobody badgering you about things you need to do, places you need to be. I do the surgery on your brain, to separate you from all that. So you can sleep... so you can STAY asleep... People come to talk to you... to try to wake you up... get you back to your routine... your job, your daily chores... all those things that weigh so heavily upon your shoulders. They come to talk to you... but you do not hear them. You just breathe... you just sleep... listening to My Voice. Yes, you hear My Voice... only MY Voice... soothing you... keeping your mind quiet... quiet... asleep, quiet... and empty. So empty... With only one tiny spark of consciousness remaining... so you CAN wake up, someday... But not yet... Not yet... I keep that spark alive... My Voice keeps that spark alive... so you can sleep safely... quietly... Completely under My protection. Completely under My control.

Market price: $36.00
Jessica: The Next Step

You've been listening to My beginning hot, feminization mp3's, and now you want to go further. Well here is your chance, as I take all those hot, sexy triggers that I have been putting into you, and make them much, much stronger. And then I add a few more powerful compulsions. This is the next step!

Market price: $35.00
Kimmy K's Curves

My sweet slutty girl! That's what you've always wanted to be, isn't it? You have always thought the SLUTTY women look the most beautiful! And you've always wanted to be one of them! With big round boobies and cleavage so deep you can get lost down inside... Wearing tight sexy dresses that make your ass look yummy, round and fuckable! And teeny tiny mini-skirts that show off your long, smooth legs! You want the other women to look, to stare, to crave to touch you. That's right, the women. Because you're a bit of a lesbian, aren't you? A horny lesbian slut, who just can't get enough. Especially when I'm around. Dominica is the one you dress up for, the one you want to grab you and pull you into bed and give your wet pussy the licking of your life! Oh, I'm going to do that, babi! This recording has a DEEP induction, transformation, and lots of HOT girl-girl action! You're going to need to change the sheets when we're done, darling! And then you're going to want to do it all over again!

Market price: $35.00
Lesbian Vampire

Oh yeah, babi! There's nothing hotter than two women going at each other... especially when one of them is a VAMPIRE! And My needle-sharp teeth are going to sink into your neck... and your breasts... and your thighs... and that hot, pounding, pulsing place in-between! And I am going to DRAIN... YOU... DRY! Well... ALMOST dry! Because I want you ready for Me again tomorrow night... and the night after... and the night after that! So you're going to find yourself hanging by a thread as the warm, yellow sun rises in the morning... Still clinging to life, and your pussy so wet and dripping, trying to remember why the mental image of glowing GREEN eyes arouses you so much... and why the quiet New England beach house, that you rented for your vacation, pulls you toward it like a magnet all day long... as you walk along the shoreline, looking for shells... listening to the wind... Is that My Voice? Calling you to return... calling you back inside, as the sun drops down toward the horizon, growing huge and red... and you find yourself fingering your nipples, caressing your own thighs... and tugging at the little scarf around your neck... The soft, satin scarf that hides the little bite marks that excite you ALMOST as much as My Voice. Look into the mirror, when you untie that scarf... and touch the pair of red-purple holes. Caress them gently... lovingly... trying to remember how you got them... and why your pussy is so wet again... MzDominica's little vampire victim! Tonight, I'm going to take you AGAIN!

Market price: $40.00
Ms. Satina 2

Satina needs to be made more powerful within you. More addicted to satin and hose. More in charge of the body that used to be his... and is now yours! You make the decisions now... not him... He's lost in a sexual frenzy... mentally manipulated every day, every night... forced to watch you to pull on the shiny, sexy hose... the pretty satin camisoles... step into the shiny stiletto heels... becoming the woman you always wanted to be... the one who was always inside. I draw her outside. And as for him... you put him away... lock him away... Obedient... Captivated... Quiet. He doesn't control this body anymore. He doesn't have any choice. Because he obeys you... And you obey ME. Satina is Dominica's helplessly aroused satin slave! And I install more and more triggers in you... addicting you to satin... addicting you to cigarette holders... addicting you to sex... addicting you to My name. Yes, the name Dominica becomes your most powerful aphrodisiac! And you can't help but spread your legs, opening yourself wide to My probing fingers... My warm tongue... My long, thick toys... I tease you into level after level of sexual frenzy... Placing you in a bar with your long, sexy legs tightly crossed... the sheen of your hose drawing every eye up your shapely calves, up to your thighs... while you slip the end of a long, black cigarette holder between your lips... You take a long drag... exhale the smoke slowly... languidly... And your gaze dares them to do what you REALLY want, you dirty little slut! To slide their hands up your smooth thighs... spread your legs... and find themselves caught in the smoldering gaze of your superior feminine eyes. The same eyes that spread wide and blank when Dominica approaches you... caught in MY gaze... spreading your legs for ME, you little slut. I'm going to train you to give EVERYTHING to Me... turning you into My sexual plaything... My little whore... your shiny, satin panties soaked with your pussy juices and your body quivering with mind-shattering ORGASMIC bliss. You want to find out what it means to be Orgasmic... because I'm going to condition your reactive baseline... I'm going to force you into such intense sexual pleasure that you will never again be able to exist without constant, intense, mind-shattering sex! You will NEVER be able to escape Dominica. You will never WANT to! To experience the FULL effect of this trance, you MUST listen to "Satina 1" first!

Market price: $40.00
My Sexy Money Piggy Mmm!

Are you ready to become My little money slave? Come here, little piggy! Yes, of all the animals on Dominica's Farm, you're one of the most DEVOTED... because you KNOW what a dirty little pig you are... you just don't remember that you USED to be human. But that doesn't matter, because you know you are so far BENEATH Me. You'll do ANYTHING to get Me to even LOOK at you... send Me money... spoil Me with gifts. Yes, you're going to become My little MONEY PIG... so aroused by My Voice... rutting in the mud like the animal we both know you are! You're going to need to cum so bad. And the only way you are EVER going to do it is if you pamper and please your Mistress Dominica! I want to hear you OINK, little piggy. That's right, you'll do ANYTHING to please Me. Let Me hear it, you dirty little pig! Oink and grunt and wallow in the mud. And FEEL your IQ slipping down to the level of a filthy animal. I just might keep you here... IF you please Me. Cash, diamonds, shiny leather boots? What will you give Me to make Me want to keep you in your pig sty... forever? I have laced My financial domination mp3 with lots of seduction and humiliation... even something for those of you with a cuckold fetish. Oh yes, I'm turning up the heat, baby! Come on, money piggy... let's hear you oink!

Market price: $35.00
MzDominica in Shiny Pantyhose & Stilettos!

Do you CRAVE to see My long, beautiful legs in tight SHINY pantyhose? And My feet in SHINY black stiletto heels? Oh yes, babi! I know you will find yourself DROOLING over My legs and feet... especially when you listen to My sweet, sexy, hypnotic Voice telling you to watch the shiny highlights reflecting off My shoes... gaze at the long, sexy contours of My legs... and learn what hose and shoe worship is all about!

Market price: $25.00
Office Domination

You have a new boss! Me, MzDominica. Oh, don't worry... In THIS corporate reorganization, your place is assured. I want you in a position... directly UNDER Me. Mmmmm! Because when I'm swinging deals and reassuring investors, I get so tense... and so energized! I need someone who can give Me a little relief... down there at My feet, hands roaming over My smooth, nylon-clad legs... caressing My feet.... mouth trailing little kisses up the insides of My thighs... I have a VERY big desk, and you'll never be noticed, even if someone comes into My office to get papers signed! But you have to be QUIET, leg slave. You have to be OBEDIENT. So I'm leaving nothing to chance. I'm going to condition you so I ALWAYS have My horny leg slave down there on the floor, when I need you! And you will do EXACTLY as I say. I'm going to use your fetish for women's firm, smooth legs to ENSURE that you obey... and focus all your desires on Me, your CEO (Chief Erotic Obsession) MzDominica!

Market price: $25.00
Pyramiding Up & Down

You lie in your bed, at the edge of sleep. And inside your mind, you hear My Voice -- MzDominica's voice -- commanding you. Awakening you, then sending you back into deep, obedient sleep. Over and over and over again. You will find yourself losing track of time. Find yourself losing track of consciousness. Find yourself... losing yourself. To Me, MzDominica, your eternal, irresistible, controlling, hypnotic Mistress. Some of you will find yourself listening to this mp3 all night long, helplessly letting Me take over your mind. And others will find Me slowly eroding your resistance, until you listen to this mp3 all night long. Either way, Dominica wins. You won't be able to stop yourself. You simply won't be able to stop!

Market price: $35.00
Suzy's Bimbo Hose 3

Oh suzy, bimbo suzy! Dominica's calling! Run faster girl, run faster, that's right. suzy knows that when Dominica calls its time to cum. And by now it's one of the few things that suzy DOES know in that empty little head of hers. But suzy needs to serve her purpose before she can get a reward. Does an empty headed bimbo actually HAVE a purpose? Well of course she does, but don't you worry now, Dominica has conditioned you, so that you can perform perfectly without having to think. Cause it hurts to have to think, doesn't it suzy? suzy performs her purpose exactly the way that Dominica has conditioned her to perform and then she gets a little reward. And when Dominica gives a reward, the reward is sweet! Mmm tastes almost like wild cherries mmm delicious. This is the hottest and sexiest of all the bimbo series so far. And I know it's exactly what MY bimbo suzy has been craving for.

Market price: $45.00
The Cell 4

CAUTION: Listening to "CELL 4" will cause your unconditional surrender. Cell 4 is the most intense, real, mind-altering experience you will ever have. So relaxing. So sexy. I am going to further MY manipulation of your mind by overwhelming your feelings and sensations: And oh yes, I DO have some surprises waiting for you!!! You won't want to resist -- Even if you could!!! Embracing the feeling of slavery, letting go completely, aware of My complete power over you now... Falling so deeply for Dominica's shiny Pocket-Watch swinging back and forth, glimmering in the dim light of this, the fourth Cell of your complete mental kidnapping. you simply cannot resist My power, cannot resist Dominica at all... Feeling so warm and heavy inside My special mind-fuck Cell you trust, worship, and obey.. trust, worship, and obey... trust, worship, and obey... so thoroughly it's becoming mechanical... Leave your body behind and come up into your mind where all My pleasure, power, and command can be exerted against any remaining shred of will or individuality you once possessed. All your senses are amplified and made so raw to My every word, touch, scent, sight, and taste of My Goddess Body... Breathe in the scent of My mind-altering perfume pumping into the Cell of your ultimate undoing. ** You MUST complete Cell 1 thru 3 before you may experience Cells 4 thru 10 **

Market price: $70.00
10 Steps to Diva 1

You have felt Jessica, and experienced Satina, been transformed into a Lesbian Hooker. Now do the ultimate body modifications as I trance your body to obey as well as your mind. This multi part voyage will change your chemistry and begin to change your body and emotions. This is for femmes that need to feel and see the changes without an operation. It targets tits, waist, hips, and emotional responses. The chemistry of My slave girl's body will never be the same again. DNA manipulation through NLP and hypnosis makes this the strongest Feminization trance available today don't miss out buy a copy today!

Wet Little Girl

I know, some of you need MORE than just being feminized. You need to be turned into LITTLE girls. Little BABY girls, who've just barely learned to talk, and who just can't keep your pink, frilly panties dry! I'm going to start by reminding you how sweet and restful it was to be a little baby... a little GIRL baby... taking an afternoon nap in your crib... And then regress you back to that time, year by year, as the pressure in your bladder builds and becomes so powerfully arousing, you are helpless to resist the release of all your tensions! Multiple inductions and post-hypnotic triggers to make you so horny and incontinent... you won't know if you're cumming or going!

Crystal Captive

I just love and adore crystals! They capture the light and reflect it... so bright... so pure... As they capture your attention... as they capture your mind... Pulling you in... deeper and deeper... into My Voice... into the bright, pure light... as I slowly swing the crystal back and forth... in front of your increasingly vacant eyes. I'm going to take you so very deep, My little crystal junkie. I'm going to let you stare into My shiny crystal... deep into its glowing center. Because with this MP3, I'm including a GIF file, with three beautiful photographs of Me, dangling My Crystal of Power from a golden chain... A clear, white, multifaceted Orb... that will dazzle your eyes with magical, pulsing light... while I imprison your mind, your body, and your soul deep inside... where you will return over and over again at My command, as Dominica's deeply hypnotized and obedient captive!


Sexual humiliation... EROTIC... HUMILIATION... Bypassing all your defenses, exposing your desires, your lusts, your fears. And I use them I use ALL of them... to subjugate you. To make you Mine. To make you MY slave. Helpless, aching and quivering, at My feet. Begging Me... Begging Me to be merciful... and begging Me to punish you... You don't know which you want more. You don't know... which you NEED more! Of course, what you want is one thing... and what you need is another thing... And what your Mistress Dominica gives you... Well, that's something else, again! But a pathetic worm like you will accept anything and everything your Mistress does to you. No matter how much you feel abused, no matter how much you feel soiled -- you always come back for more. Hoping I'll do something even worse to you... My little junkie. That's right, on the floor. Knees on the floor, and hands up -- like a little doggie. Now beg! That's right... beg Dominica for relief, for a moment of escape from the torment, even for release from My influence, My complete command over you! What, you want Me to degrade you even more? Oh, that's not what you meant to say... but that's how it came out, didn't it? You're no longer in control of what you say. You're no longer able to beg for release... And now the REAL fun can begin! This recording has many areas with both raw audio (very clear) and subliminally enhanced audio. People with epilepsy should not listen to this recording and you should avoid operating machinery of any kind while listening.