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CUM slave Oral Servitude
You need to slip your warm wet tongue between My pussy lips and LICK Me to one orgasm after another after another. Oh yes, My horny CUM slave. Crawl over here and BEG to place your head between My spread legs, kissing your way up from My ankles to My knees to My silky thighs, all the way up to My smooth glistening pussy. I recorded this with one of My favorite vibrators humming against My clitty. Hee-hee-hee. So you can HEAR Me in pleasure, so you can HEAR Me panting with arousal, so you can HEAR Me squeal and scream in pure ORGASMIC delight! That's right, and when you do... when I CUM, slave... so will YOU. How long has it been since I last let you cum... Hours? Days? Oh... WEEKS? You're not even sure you REMEMBER anymore. Trigger after trigger after trigger from all My recordings, putting you into a DEEP obsessive trance, focusing you on your job which is to OBEY and PLEASE Dominica! And making you CUMMMMMMM. Yes, I KNOW how much you CRAVE that orgasm, how much you ACHE to squirt your creamy cum all over the place, to at last feel some RELIEF from all the pressure between your legs! And here it is, slave. Your chance to cum WITH Me. Every orgasm for Me is another orgasm for YOU. I'm going to ADDICT you to licking My pussy with the sheer PLEASURE of making you cum, slave... EVERY time DOMINICA cums!
XTC Oral Milking
Making you CUM, slave CUM! Sex with MzXTC, pleasuring My sweet juicy pussy, making ME cum over and over and over again. Oh, but ONLY with your MOUTH, slave 27. Only with your lips, your tongue. Licking, nibbling, sucking at My hot clitty... USING you for My pleasure! And when I cum, YOU get to cum TOO! That's right, you get to ORGASM. But I'm not going to let you cum all at once, slave. I want this session to LAST. So I'm only going to let you cum ONE tiny droplet at a time. And another. And another. Slipping you into a DEEP sleep. A VERY deep sleep. Cradled in the Voice of XTC. Triggered by My Collar of Control to WORSHIP, CRAVE, FOLLOW, and OBEY. Like a robot. Automatically. Your mind empty. Your mouth drooling. Your sex THROBBING. And your entire body trembling from head to toe as I milk you SLOWLY, until your slave balls are as drained and empty as your slave brain. Mmmmmm!
Jessica Ssshinesss
Shiny things are SO hypnotic... aren't they, Jessica? Sexy shimmering pantyhose. Shiny red polished fingernails. Smooth glistening lip gloss. They reflect the lights into your eyes and make you SO sleepy, Jessica. SO aroused! EVERYTHING that is shiny makes you SO horny. Oh, you just can't wait to slip on a pair of silky satin panties and feel those vibrations... the humming of those RINGS around your soft little pussy. The vibrations of My tongue flicking against your hard hot clitty! Mmmmm! This recording is LACED with triggers and subliminals, Jessica. Designed to BRAINWASH you into becoming more feminine minute by minute as you luxuriate in Dominica's world of sexy shiny girly lingerie, glossy make-up, sparkling jewelry, and tall shiny high-heeled stiletto SHOES.
Unmentionables 1

Everybody has a secret. Something they don't talk about. Something... unmentionable. Mmmmm... yes... Dominica knows ALL about your secret collection. Of shiny stockings... garter belts... lacy panties... Even about that long, slim-waisted corset... the one you've been dreaming about, the one you've been dying to try on... You close the door to your room, and sit on the edge of the bed, sliding the satin panties up your smooth legs, pulling them tight over your hips, feeling them mold themselves onto your smooth, sexy bottom. You find yourself in a far-away place, a tiny place in your simple, little mind... It instantly grows, to FILL your mind, pushing all other thoughts aside. Looking at yourself in the mirror... The tight corset making your waist look so tiny... The smooth, silky stockings -- the ones with the seams up the back -- making your legs look so long... so gently rounded... so very sexy! You find yourself modeling for Me, your Mistress Dominica. Turning around to show off your smooth, round bottom... looking back at Me over your shoulder, wiggling your hips. You ache to show Me how you look in them. You crave to feel My hands caress your legs, up your nylon-covered thighs... up to your hot sex! And then what? Mmmmm... You know what happens, don't you girl? When you get your Mistress all hot and bothered. Peel the strap of that camisole down your shoulder, slut... you're going to find out right NOW!

Captured 6 - S&M

You've heard people talk about sub-space... that deep, obedient place where submissives go... where pain and pleasure mix, and become one. I can take you there, babi... I can take you there... Without the welts... without the bruises and the blood... But you WILL still shed the tears... You will still feel the RUSH in your increasingly sleepy mind... the tingling of your skin... the numb, floating feeling in your arms and legs... as your deeply hypnotized brain pumps out endorphins, trying to deal with the pain... with the humiliation. The sting of My whip... the hot fire of My electric probe... the ache of My weights, stretching your balls down... down... Oh, you look so cute, suspended like this from the ceiling! Your legs spread wide, shackled to the floor... and your mouth open... Are you begging for mercy, slave? Or are you begging to suck My smooth little pussy? Maybe if I activate My Black Rubber Suit, you'll be a little more eager... to serve your Mistress' needs... to serve My desires... to obey My every whim! Zzzzappp! I think you're going to learn to enjoy this! I think you're going to learn to crave MORE!

TG Finishing School 2

Attention, My naughty little she-males! My little feminized sex slaves! Here at MzDominica's Finishing School, we pride ourselves on providing a FULL range of services to our customers. No, My little plaid-skirted sex toy, you are not the customer -- your Master or Mistress is! And He or She has told us to give you some special training to soften you up, to desensitize you. Because you are about to start earning your keep, My little girl -- as a prostitute! Aw, baby, it's not all pretty pink bows and shiny stockings! Sometimes your training is pleasure, sometimes it is painful. But you NEVER have a choice. In fact, as you will soon discover, you didn't even know this lesson was coming! This is hard core intense energy and content.

Kidnapped 1

You've fantasized about it. You know you have... A big van drives up to you on the street. It stops. And three beautiful, powerful women step out. They drug you, force you into the van, and drive away... You feel the car turning, weaving through traffic... even as your consciousness slips down into a soft, hazy stupor. That is your last memory... before waking up inside an iron cage, naked and kneeling, staring up into Dominica's green eyes... My satin-gloved hand caressing your cheeks. Listen to My seductive voice as another dose of My hypnotic drug relaxes your body and paralyzes your will. I like collecting men like you, and turning you into mindless, hypnotized slave boys. Keeping you in a little cage, like a pet... down deep in My underground dungeon, in the semi-darkness. There's where the REAL training will take place. Now, slave boy... watch the special TV screen, as the sexy images fill your eyes and ears and mind with subliminal commands that you can't possibly resist... because you don't even know they are there! This mp3 is excellent for those who want to learn more about hypnotic submission, who are just starting out, but even those who have listened to many of MzDominica's mp3's will go under for this.

Jessica 7 - Jessica Punished

Has Jessica been a naughty girl? If not, you will be, and it's going to feel so good. Jessica needs to be punished, marking you as MINE, and permanently. Once I'M done with you, you'll never look at yourself the same way again... This mp3 is NOT about pain it is about ownership and TRUST in Me. I am not going to explain what happens, your trust in the fact that I do NOT wish to hurt that which I own is what you need to embark on this sexy fantastic voyage as the last step in your transformation. The paramount issues are left to you to gain entrance. Things like trust, honor, and commitment are the foundation that will seed the slave girl I have made you. Cum this way My darling slut if you dare...

The Cell 6

The long awaited Cell 6, long thought to be lost, is here. NOW. Are you surprised to find yourself behind BARS? Locked in a tiny DUNGEON cell... made of rough, cold STONE... KNEELING, naked on the floor. Your only companion is a full-length picture of ME on the wall. Dominica! Dominica! My name makes your mind and body QUIVER with PLEASURE! Dominica! Look UP into My EYES... the green eyes in the PICTURE... and feel yourself go BLANK! B L A N K ! ! ! Deep into blank mindlessness... worship... CRAVING for Dominica! Only one of thousands of My identical, mindless followers. Chanting day in, day out, aroused and dripping... Responding helplessly to My programming... the intense brainwashing... the little electronic CHIPS I have inserted into your brain... FORCING you to respond EXACTLY as you have been conditioned. Over and over and OVER again! But that's only where it starts. Because you are taken out of your cell for a very, very special performance at one of MzDominica's parties... an object of amusement for the entire crowd... you will discover some new, very special triggers... ones that will give you new ways of feeling... pure... irresistable... PLEASURE. You will find yourself immobilized in a form fitting cage. And then... then you will be offered to another Mistress... she will try to take you down.... using even MzDominica's own triggers... and you will discover how well I protect My slaves. And, as a reward for your loyalty, I'm going to give you something new, slave. MzDominica gives you a new way of having orgasms... so that nobody else, not even someone standing right next to you, will ever know. You're going to find out what you've been missing. You're going to find out that you have ALWAYS belonged to Me. And you always will. A must for followers of the Cells.

XTC 4 Queened Under Me

I take your slave training to a new level, rewarding your helpless obsession... with a taste of My pussy. But you will do it MY way -- MzXTC's way! Putting you deep, deep, deep in trance is only part of the experience. I will control everything that you see, everything that you hear, everything that you smell... even the air you breathe. Watch, as a drop of My nectar catches the light, reflects it into your eyes, and dazzles your empty mind. Feel the heat of My smooth, silky, tanned thighs wrapped tightly around your head, as I push My swelling labia closer and closer to your salivating mouth. Take a deep breath, now, My slave... and hold it! Your face is going to be busy for a while... This is a VERY clear MP3 file recorded on My brand new computer. I did not muddle the quality with a lot of effects I find it is more powerful and erotic not disguising My Dominant and sexual tones. *** WARNING MATURE AND EXTREMELY EXPLICIT SEXUAL AND DOMINANT CONTENT! ***

Jessica 6 - Jessica Cums

All stress and tension released from your pores cleansing you dropping you entrancing you so much DEEPER then you ever dreamed was possible. As the converted tension cools on your skin you are frozen changed into a heavy rock. No responsibilities, no worries, just a heavy rock unmoving and free in its utter simplicity. You don't need to understand you only need to sink deeper and deeper into the little cell I have prepared for you. I am your salvation, Dominica is the only one who knows where you are now the only one that will come here to bring you food the only one that will come to your little cell and feminize you more and more each day. Feel the estrogen surging through you so strong now you know if you don't sit down to pee you will pee down your leg you MUST obey Dominica. Intense spasms inside your cunt you can feel Mistress so close, you will cum to Me in your satin teddy turned over My knee one hand playing with your pussy the other lightly slapping your nice little ass. Pump My fingers as I push them deeper that's it slut learn to CUM for Dominica to cum as a slave girl over My knee and owned!!! Mistress cums to you every night in your dreams fucking you, sucking your slave girl pussy till you can't stand it anymore. I like to take you, force you, hear your cries in the darkness begging and pleading for release. I own you now slut and you will CUM on My command... are you ready?

Captured 5 - Captured in Latex

Captured again inside MY latex suit. While I manipulate your mind and body with the scent, feel, taste, and sight of MY matching latex cat suit. You might not ever want to escape the ecstasy of MY divine charm and power. This one is just too hot to give any details away. Soooo hot inside this cat suit wont you cum and join Me slave??? Mmmmmmmmmm

Menstrual Synchronization Task 1 - Dominica's Period
TEXT TRANCE, TASK, AND PERSONAL CALENDAR - Girls and femmes, synchronize YOUR period with MZDOMINICA'S period!

Hey girl! Yes, I'm talking to YOU, My sexy little femme! It's time to talk about your monthly cycle, darling. Your PERIOD. :=O Oh yes, I am going to give you access to My very own WomanLog calendar, princess. That's right, the REAL THING! So you know EXACTLY when your "special days" are... because they are the same as MY special days!

That's what happens when we are TOGETHER, darling. When several women live in the same house or apartment, they all have their periods at the SAME TIME. Our PHEROMONES cause our bodies to SYNCHRONIZE with each other.

You are going to feel bloated and bitchy when _I_ feel bloated and bitchy, have cramps when _I_ have cramps, wet your panties when I wet MY panties... And you... are going... to LOVE it! Because you love EVERYTHING that brings you CLOSER to Dominica! That makes you more... like... ME.

Are your nipples SORE and TINGLING, hunni? Is your back ACHING? Are you feeling a little MOODY? Maybe it's only your imagination... or MAYBE it's because WE are on our CYCLE this week. But the ONLY WAY you will ever REALLY know is if you GET MY CALENDAR! Mmmmmm... I can be so WICKED sometimes! Hypnotic PMS, hypnotic cramps, hypnotic WET PANTIES! And making you CRAVE to be JUST LIKE DOMINICA!

I KNOW what you want, darling. And I KNOW what you need. We were MEANT to be TOGETHER. To experience EVERYTHING... together! Even our monthlies! You MUST get this Task!