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1950's Auntie

The 1950's... such an innocent time! Short hair for boys, long hair for girls. A-line skirts, and bobby sox. Jeans were for camping. And tennis shoes were all high-tops. You spent your afternoons at the malt shop, after high-school... talking with your friends... maybe spinning a song on the juke box, and dancing with a girl. And well before dinner time, young man... you walked up the porch stairs to your own front door, opened it and called, "Mom, I'm home!" But Mom isn't here today. She's out, getting groceries. And Auntie Dominica is here instead... with Her shiny hypnotic crystal... and Her tall stiletto heels. Your legs feel like rubber when you see Her crystal... as She lets it swing back and forth, FLASHING light into your sleepy eyes. Auntie will take care of you, boy... just like I ALWAYS do... just like YOU always take care of Me. Kneeling at My feet... carefully pulling off My shoes... and reverentially setting them aside... Look into the crystal... and tell Me... how much you crave to massage Auntie Dominica's feet. That's right... deeper and DEEPER... as I slide My feet up to your crotch... and begin wrapping My toes around the stiff bulge between your legs. Boys like you are always rubbing yourselves down there... I know. Auntie knows. But if you promise not to touch yourself TONIGHT... I will let you suck My toes. Look DEEP into the crystal, and lick your lips... remembering the TASTE of My feet from last time! Deeper... and deeper... more and more aroused by My feet. We'll just keep this our little secret, won't we? Your Mom is My Dear Sister... but she doesn't need to know, does she? She doesn't need to know about the crystal. She doesn't need to know how HARD your cock gets, when you massage My feet. That's a good boy. Keep your promise... not to touch! Now... LICK Auntie Dominica's feet!

Market price: $35.00
CUM Puppet

So manipulated! You are so manipulated! I present you with image after image of different places, different times, even different identities. And you fall so easily into each of them... one after another after another... dropping deeper and deeper down with each change... until your mind simply gives up. It simply gives up. Accepting everything I say, everything I do. All My suggestions are facts, entering your mind and becoming your truths. And deep inside those truths... deep inside, you discover something about yourself... that you're the only one... The only one listening to My Voice, who is really awake. All of the others are mesmerized... deep asleep... watching, helplessly, as you perform for Me... before an audience of lesser minds... merely helpless observers... every one of them blank... While you... you are aware, as you follow My commands... Fully aware, as I pull the strings. I raise your arms... I move your legs... and I make your cock THROB with intense lust! Forcing you into one extreme sexual performance after another... Until finally... finally... I tie you down, lock you down... into My Queening Chair, where you belong. And I'm never going to let you go... never going to let you cum... Never cum. Until you please Dominica... Unless you please Dominica. Unless you make Me happy. You won't be able to cum, until you do. You just won't be able to do it! But don't worry, babi... don't worry... I will tell you how. I will tell you how you may serve Me. And you are going to be SO grateful! You're going to SHOW Me how grateful you are!

Market price: $50.00
Foot Worship 101

In this sexy WMV movie, you will experience foot worship of Mistress in a new way. The slave has no name. you wont be able to help feeling yourself doing the same things to Mistress Dominica I have allowed him to do in this ultra hot foot fetish video. The intimate viewpoint of My live foot slave is now at your disposal. I know you wonder what it tastes like when I mouth fuck you with MY TOES. What would Mistress use to spank your bottom if you took My shoe off without permission out of eager excitement? Just watch the video and find out what a few of the items in My bag of toys and tricks! you crave to be fondled with my sexy crimson painted toe nails just admit it and give in now, you don?t have a chance baby. View your beautiful Mistress from the thighs down and experience the basics in worshipping My delicious feet My way ;) At 86 MB this is a large download and this is because its a large picture it takes up the majority of your screen and is clear with nice loud sound and even My favorite old rock tunes going in the background as I play all night long. OH, I was singing at one point in this the first part of a series of videos taken on my last BDSM session. Hypnosis is close to singing right??? Well I was getting My toes sucked so I was happy!

Market price: $40.00
Hypnotic Interrogation 2

I am coming for you, coming again and again... My intentions still not clear to you so Ive returned and revealed to you My sinister plan... The life you know and live is a facade... you are the ultimate IMPOSTER and as I slowly unfold the forgotten secret of My involvement in your life from day one you begin to realize just how far I have gone to entrap you... I have IMPRINTED Myself in your mind at so many important points in your life, MzDominica the latex gloved nurse in the maternity ward began your programming at such a young age... MzDominica your babysitter as Mommy goes out to shop yes your fascination for DEEP hypnosis and shiny crystals began here... MzDominica substitute Middle School teacher corners you in the hallway drugging you with My many hypnotic advances... MzDominica in the grocery store as a full grown man you find My delicious BOOTED FEET clicking down the aisle simply irresistible... I know you pet, I have ALWAYS known you and any chance you had for an escape from My power is now made clearly visible as an impossibility... Sexy, Alluring, Captivating, and Fantastically Imaginative you will go soooo Deep for Me in this amazing sequel that defines Pleasure, Power, and CONTROL!

Market price: $50.00
OBSESSION 1 - Cherries

Cherries! You know the story about Dominica and the bright, red cherries, don't you? Me, programming My live-in slave to become helplessly, powerfully aroused at the mere mention of cherries, the taste and smell and image of sweet, juicy cherries! Even cherry-induced orgasms. Now you can experience what he did, as I impose a NEW fetish on you, creating an obsession that was never there before, turning an ordinary everyday object into a powerful sexual trigger that will set your hips pumping and weaken your will, leaving you even more vulnerable to My hypnotic control. Beware, slave, you're about to discover just how completely you are surrounded by cherry-flavored goodies and cherry-themed designs. And every snack, every room scent, every cherry-decorated T-shirt, is going to make your mouth water and your sex drip. There's no going back, once My cherry obsession has you in its grip!

Market price: $50.00
School Daze

It's near the end of the School year and almost time for your final Computer course exam. I am your favourite Teacher and you want so very much to please Me and do well in My test, so you are cramming hard. Because of this you find yourself very anxious, nervous and tense. Baby, what you need to do is just relax and let go and when you do , you will be able to remember all of My lessons and ace My final exam. Just listen to My voice and follow all of My instructions. Relax, take slow deep breaths as you watch My Blue spiral program, allowing My words to penetrate deeply into your blank,empty and receptive mind. This trance greatly reinforces many of My well known and popular hypnotic triggers and it is a unisex mp3, straight subs have no fear of being feminized through experiencing this trance. It simply speaks to you and your sisters at the same time, so that everyone can enjoy the intensity that this induction is offering. So sit up straight and concentrate hard on My voice boys and girls or I will have to get My Ruler out!! Oh and don't forget to leave an Apple for Teacher on your way out, as you leave your mind and will behind with Me, your Mistress Dominica :)

Market price: $40.00
School Girl 2 Sorority Keg Party

What EVER am I going to do with you, My slutty little school girl? Yes, all you seem to think about is sex. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You COULD concentrate on your classes for an hour or so... once in a while... Couldn't you? Even though the professor's voice, going on and on, in the warm afternoon, makes you so sleepy... makes you daydream, and spread your legs so wide, fantasizing about My wet, pink tongue sliding up between your pussy lips and flicking against your hard clitty. I think you just need to relax. Need to do something that doesn't involve your brain at all! Hmmmm... There's a kegger at the sorority house tonight... an all-girl party! Maybe there are enough beautiful women there to scratch that ITCH between your legs. Maybe... Especially if your Headmistress Dominica does something to help to get the evening started...

Market price: $45.00
Sissy Blow Job Slave

This is for My very SPECIAL T-Girls... the ones whose mistresses want to have their girly-boys focused completely on something that only MEN have! Better be careful, My little sissy... this one could change your entire outlook on life! It's so easy... because you're already obsessed with cocks, or you wouldn't BE here... in My special brainwashing class... feeling your obsession growing! You're already salivating, aren't you? Already DROOLING with the realization... that in a few, short training sessions, you are going to become a helpless slave to sucking long, thick, throbbing cocks. you're going to ache to please them... you want to give them the pleasure of your soft lips... your hot tongue... and you crave to feel them squirt into your mouth! That's right... squeeze your nipples! your orgasm will only happen when you feel the pulse of his lust, and taste his hot cum! Mmmmmm... and then you will find yourself crawling to the feet of the next man in line, begging him to thrust his hard cock into your hungry mouth! Only a fantasy? Perhaps... but you're going to find yourself triggered constantly... endlessly aroused... your soft mouth dripping and craving to suck... every moment... all day and all night!

Market price: $35.00
TG Finishing School 2

Attention, My naughty little she-males! My little feminized sex slaves! Here at MzDominica's Finishing School, we pride ourselves on providing a FULL range of services to our customers. No, My little plaid-skirted sex toy, you are not the customer -- your Master or Mistress is! And He or She has told us to give you some special training to soften you up, to desensitize you. Because you are about to start earning your keep, My little girl -- as a prostitute! Aw, baby, it's not all pretty pink bows and shiny stockings! Sometimes your training is pleasure, sometimes it is painful. But you NEVER have a choice. In fact, as you will soon discover, you didn't even know this lesson was coming! This is hard core intense energy and content.

Market price: $40.00

You need to be punished! Oh, not all the time of course. Not ALL the time. But sometimes... There are times when you disobey Mistress, don't you? Yes, you get yourself into trouble. You're such a slut. Parading all over the place in that skimpy little hooker's outfit. Trying to get Me to notice you. Trying to get Me to throw you down on the bed and shove something thick and hard into that wet, little pussy. You start posing, and modeling, and waving out the window at anybody who will look at you, begging to be touched. So full of yourself, you little whore. Have you forgotten who owns you? HAVE YOU? You need to be reminded, little girl. You need to be thrown over My knee and spanked! But sometimes... Sometimes Mistress doesn't feel like swatting your hot, little bottom. Sometimes, I want to punish you a different way. With just a word or two. It's so easy to train you for pleasure. It will be just as easy to train you for punishment. And you WILL be trained, because you simply cannot resist your Mistress Dominica!

Market price: $30.00
Kidnapped 1

You've fantasized about it. You know you have... A big van drives up to you on the street. It stops. And three beautiful, powerful women step out. They drug you, force you into the van, and drive away... You feel the car turning, weaving through traffic... even as your consciousness slips down into a soft, hazy stupor. That is your last memory... before waking up inside an iron cage, naked and kneeling, staring up into Dominica's green eyes... My satin-gloved hand caressing your cheeks. Listen to My seductive voice as another dose of My hypnotic drug relaxes your body and paralyzes your will. I like collecting men like you, and turning you into mindless, hypnotized slave boys. Keeping you in a little cage, like a pet... down deep in My underground dungeon, in the semi-darkness. There's where the REAL training will take place. Now, slave boy... watch the special TV screen, as the sexy images fill your eyes and ears and mind with subliminal commands that you can't possibly resist... because you don't even know they are there! This mp3 is excellent for those who want to learn more about hypnotic submission, who are just starting out, but even those who have listened to many of MzDominica's mp3's will go under for this.

Jessica 7 - Jessica Punished

Has Jessica been a naughty girl? If not, you will be, and it's going to feel so good. Jessica needs to be punished, marking you as MINE, and permanently. Once I'M done with you, you'll never look at yourself the same way again... This mp3 is NOT about pain it is about ownership and TRUST in Me. I am not going to explain what happens, your trust in the fact that I do NOT wish to hurt that which I own is what you need to embark on this sexy fantastic voyage as the last step in your transformation. The paramount issues are left to you to gain entrance. Things like trust, honor, and commitment are the foundation that will seed the slave girl I have made you. Cum this way My darling slut if you dare...

Captured 6 - S&M

You've heard people talk about sub-space... that deep, obedient place where submissives go... where pain and pleasure mix, and become one. I can take you there, babi... I can take you there... Without the welts... without the bruises and the blood... But you WILL still shed the tears... You will still feel the RUSH in your increasingly sleepy mind... the tingling of your skin... the numb, floating feeling in your arms and legs... as your deeply hypnotized brain pumps out endorphins, trying to deal with the pain... with the humiliation. The sting of My whip... the hot fire of My electric probe... the ache of My weights, stretching your balls down... down... Oh, you look so cute, suspended like this from the ceiling! Your legs spread wide, shackled to the floor... and your mouth open... Are you begging for mercy, slave? Or are you begging to suck My smooth little pussy? Maybe if I activate My Black Rubber Suit, you'll be a little more eager... to serve your Mistress' needs... to serve My desires... to obey My every whim! Zzzzappp! I think you're going to learn to enjoy this! I think you're going to learn to crave MORE!

The Cell 6

The long awaited Cell 6, long thought to be lost, is here. NOW. Are you surprised to find yourself behind BARS? Locked in a tiny DUNGEON cell... made of rough, cold STONE... KNEELING, naked on the floor. Your only companion is a full-length picture of ME on the wall. Dominica! Dominica! My name makes your mind and body QUIVER with PLEASURE! Dominica! Look UP into My EYES... the green eyes in the PICTURE... and feel yourself go BLANK! B L A N K ! ! ! Deep into blank mindlessness... worship... CRAVING for Dominica! Only one of thousands of My identical, mindless followers. Chanting day in, day out, aroused and dripping... Responding helplessly to My programming... the intense brainwashing... the little electronic CHIPS I have inserted into your brain... FORCING you to respond EXACTLY as you have been conditioned. Over and over and OVER again! But that's only where it starts. Because you are taken out of your cell for a very, very special performance at one of MzDominica's parties... an object of amusement for the entire crowd... you will discover some new, very special triggers... ones that will give you new ways of feeling... pure... irresistable... PLEASURE. You will find yourself immobilized in a form fitting cage. And then... then you will be offered to another Mistress... she will try to take you down.... using even MzDominica's own triggers... and you will discover how well I protect My slaves. And, as a reward for your loyalty, I'm going to give you something new, slave. MzDominica gives you a new way of having orgasms... so that nobody else, not even someone standing right next to you, will ever know. You're going to find out what you've been missing. You're going to find out that you have ALWAYS belonged to Me. And you always will. A must for followers of the Cells.

Woof! Part 2

Little puppy dog! Yes, you've always thought of yourself as a little puppy dog. In your doggy dreams, you are running through the grass, chasing rabbits, squirrels, whatever moves. Smelling anything that smells interesting. Never having to think, just having to be. And you are going to find out why you've had these doggy dreams. And you will have new ones, too. Because you are not just a puppy. You are MzDominica's puppy. Her puppy slave. You have ALWAYS been Her puppy slave. And you love it.

XTC 4 Queened Under Me

I take your slave training to a new level, rewarding your helpless obsession... with a taste of My pussy. But you will do it MY way -- MzXTC's way! Putting you deep, deep, deep in trance is only part of the experience. I will control everything that you see, everything that you hear, everything that you smell... even the air you breathe. Watch, as a drop of My nectar catches the light, reflects it into your eyes, and dazzles your empty mind. Feel the heat of My smooth, silky, tanned thighs wrapped tightly around your head, as I push My swelling labia closer and closer to your salivating mouth. Take a deep breath, now, My slave... and hold it! Your face is going to be busy for a while... This is a VERY clear MP3 file recorded on My brand new computer. I did not muddle the quality with a lot of effects I find it is more powerful and erotic not disguising My Dominant and sexual tones. *** WARNING MATURE AND EXTREMELY EXPLICIT SEXUAL AND DOMINANT CONTENT! ***

Jessica 6 - Jessica Cums

All stress and tension released from your pores cleansing you dropping you entrancing you so much DEEPER then you ever dreamed was possible. As the converted tension cools on your skin you are frozen changed into a heavy rock. No responsibilities, no worries, just a heavy rock unmoving and free in its utter simplicity. You don't need to understand you only need to sink deeper and deeper into the little cell I have prepared for you. I am your salvation, Dominica is the only one who knows where you are now the only one that will come here to bring you food the only one that will come to your little cell and feminize you more and more each day. Feel the estrogen surging through you so strong now you know if you don't sit down to pee you will pee down your leg you MUST obey Dominica. Intense spasms inside your cunt you can feel Mistress so close, you will cum to Me in your satin teddy turned over My knee one hand playing with your pussy the other lightly slapping your nice little ass. Pump My fingers as I push them deeper that's it slut learn to CUM for Dominica to cum as a slave girl over My knee and owned!!! Mistress cums to you every night in your dreams fucking you, sucking your slave girl pussy till you can't stand it anymore. I like to take you, force you, hear your cries in the darkness begging and pleading for release. I own you now slut and you will CUM on My command... are you ready?

Captured 5 - Captured in Latex

Captured again inside MY latex suit. While I manipulate your mind and body with the scent, feel, taste, and sight of MY matching latex cat suit. You might not ever want to escape the ecstasy of MY divine charm and power. This one is just too hot to give any details away. Soooo hot inside this cat suit wont you cum and join Me slave??? Mmmmmmmmmm

Menstrual Synchronization Task 1 - Dominica's Period
TEXT TRANCE, TASK, AND PERSONAL CALENDAR - Girls and femmes, synchronize YOUR period with MZDOMINICA'S period!

Hey girl! Yes, I'm talking to YOU, My sexy little femme! It's time to talk about your monthly cycle, darling. Your PERIOD. :=O Oh yes, I am going to give you access to My very own WomanLog calendar, princess. That's right, the REAL THING! So you know EXACTLY when your "special days" are... because they are the same as MY special days!

That's what happens when we are TOGETHER, darling. When several women live in the same house or apartment, they all have their periods at the SAME TIME. Our PHEROMONES cause our bodies to SYNCHRONIZE with each other.

You are going to feel bloated and bitchy when _I_ feel bloated and bitchy, have cramps when _I_ have cramps, wet your panties when I wet MY panties... And you... are going... to LOVE it! Because you love EVERYTHING that brings you CLOSER to Dominica! That makes you more... like... ME.

Are your nipples SORE and TINGLING, hunni? Is your back ACHING? Are you feeling a little MOODY? Maybe it's only your imagination... or MAYBE it's because WE are on our CYCLE this week. But the ONLY WAY you will ever REALLY know is if you GET MY CALENDAR! Mmmmmm... I can be so WICKED sometimes! Hypnotic PMS, hypnotic cramps, hypnotic WET PANTIES! And making you CRAVE to be JUST LIKE DOMINICA!

I KNOW what you want, darling. And I KNOW what you need. We were MEANT to be TOGETHER. To experience EVERYTHING... together! Even our monthlies! You MUST get this Task!