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Blank Jessica 3: Sissy Sex Change Operation

MzDominica is going to cut away what's left of your manhood, and turn you into a full woman... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... And you're not going to miss that little bit of you at ALL... Don't worry, hunni... Because as a girl slave, you are going to be able to cum, and cum, and cum, just like a woman. Your nipples will be hypnotically attached to your clitoris, so you'll be able to masturbate all you want. And you DO want, don't you babi girl? You want to caress and pinch those hot, tingling nipples a LOT!

Market price: $45.00
The Cell 5

I’m not going to hold back. Everything up to this point, every moment in your conditioning, every thought, every crave for ME is going to be brought back, its going to be intensified. Think of the word BLANK and go BLANK now let your mind become My word BLANK and clear. Clear like winter air, My voice is the warm breeze that relaxes and soothes you so effortlessly... Think of the word BLANK then breath in the cold and blow out My warmth the foggy heavy breath that My words escape your body and mind from... Infiltrating your very core from the inside out and the outside in. Only My voice remains everything else is gone now and I float you up into the air all the way up to the foot of Dominica’s Temple... Climb the temple steps toward My throne getting closer and closer to Me with each step... You see Me sitting in My high backed throne beckoning you to Me luring you closer and higher up the steps as My Hypnotic fluid begins to flood down the steps taking your mind down with it. Mindless empty and enslaved at the top of My temple there is a surprise waiting for you a surprise that pulls you DEEP yes even DEEPER into My wild world!

Rear View Rapture 1

This is INTENSE ORGASM CONTROL... You are parked in your car, and you look in the rear view mirror. You see ME. I have a special surprise for you. It's time increase your sexual appetite, and put new erotic thoughts DEEP inside your mind now.. I excite you, increasing your lust, desires, and passion as you become SO very sexually aroused then forced to cum over and over and over again :)~ Sitting in your car you find yourself MILKED so many times you just can not cum anymore! This ride is so wild I make you cum in a whole new way now. ONE SINGLE DROP AT A TIME! Ordinary orgasms will never quench your thirst again you need the ULTIMATE in orgasm control now and you can have it babi just look into the rear view mirror and see Me there capturing, controlling, literally changing you every single time. You will crave to hear this one over and over and over and over again. STOP signs take on a new meaning, every single time you see one now it TRIGGERS you to feel something special. See My glowing green hypnotic eyes in your rear view mirror rendering you sleepier and sleepier, more and more helpless and drained of all WILL to resist or fight MzDominica. Your daily ride to work will NEVER be the same again once you dare to give in to My sexy hypnotic controlling vehicular desires!

Market price: $45.00
Kimmy K's Curves

My sweet slutty girl! That's what you've always wanted to be, isn't it? You have always thought the SLUTTY women look the most beautiful! And you've always wanted to be one of them! With big round boobies and cleavage so deep you can get lost down inside... Wearing tight sexy dresses that make your ass look yummy, round and fuckable! And teeny tiny mini-skirts that show off your long, smooth legs! You want the other women to look, to stare, to crave to touch you. That's right, the women. Because you're a bit of a lesbian, aren't you? A horny lesbian slut, who just can't get enough. Especially when I'm around. Dominica is the one you dress up for, the one you want to grab you and pull you into bed and give your wet pussy the licking of your life! Oh, I'm going to do that, babi! This recording has a DEEP induction, transformation, and lots of HOT girl-girl action! You're going to need to change the sheets when we're done, darling! And then you're going to want to do it all over again!

Market price: $35.00
Hose Puppy

You love to see My beautiful legs in tight, shiny hose! Glittering and shimmering. Making your mind so sleepy. So sleepy, quiet, and obedient. Obedient... like a little puppy. So devoted! Curled up at My feet. Looking up at My legs... encased in tight, shiny, shimmering nylon. Listening to My soothing Voice. Little puppy loves to look up at Mistress' legs. Loves to push his nose against Mistress' stockings, inhaling the delightful bouquet of My perfume, the seductive aroma of My smooth skin, the addictive scent of My feet. Loves to lick... up and down My calf... feeling the weave of the nylon against the tip of his sensitive tongue. Puppy loves to heel... to follow Mistress, wherever She goes, all attention focused on Dominica's sexy legs and nylon-covered feet. So devoted... so obedient... and SO obsessed!

Lesbian Hooker 2

Just a little visit to the doctor's office, hunni! The OB-GYN. Mmmmmm.... Take a deep breath... and smell My perfume, mixed with the chemical scent of disinfectants... and starched white uniforms. Yes, you're here for your regular pregnancy exam! Oh, don't you remember? Your belly is so big and swollen! And your breasts are already beginning to drip with milk! A little squeeze... just a LITTLE squeeze... I think you're going to squirt! Mmmm... I think you LIKE to squirt! It gets you so wet... down there, between your legs... Down there, where My latex-gloved hands are probing... and sliding... and pumping... Oh, you are so stretchy, hunni! So LOOSE! But I'm going to get you nice and slippery anyway... with plenty of lubricant... so I can slide My hands inside... and make sure EVERYTHING is okay! But whose baby IS it? Don't you know? Can't you remember the flickering candle? The late-night telephone call? The command... to present yourself at My doorstep? And feel My warm arms guide you down into My dungeon... down to the big table with the leather straps... for implantation! Heeheeheehee... No, you can't remember ANY of that! But you realize... this is My baby... this is Dominica's baby... That's the real reason, isn't it? The real reason you feel so horny, My little Breeder. The real reason you LOVE My hands thrusting in and out of your pussy and ass! I'm going to make sure our baby is born healthy... and I'm going to monitor every vital sign... every change in your blood pressure... every heart beat... to make sure... leaving nothing to chance! You won't mind, of course... all the shiny, metal devices I attach... to your nipples... to your pussy... to your slippery ass! You're going to want to listen to Lesbian Hooker 1 before you listen to this... to enjoy the FULL effects of My sweet, seductive Voice!

Blank Jessica 2

This is the second in a series based on training of MzDominica's slut, Jessica Blank. But any of the Jessicas can join in on the fun. Poor little Jessica. You are locked up in one of My little chastity belts. Maybe you've listened to one of My cumslave recordings. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones wearing a physical chastity device, maybe even one personalized by Me. It doesn't matter. The key may be mental, the key may be physical, but it is still MzDominica who is holding it. I own you. I own your sex. But I want you to be a CLEAN slave, too. So, you will be kept clean. But you will not clean yourself, oh, no. You will be reduced to a pet, led on a leash, and sent to the groomer. That's right, you will not be cleaning yourself. The groomer will. And from now on, every time you take a shower, you will go through the same experience. It may look like your hands doing the cleaning, but it will be the groomer, controlling your hands. And you will be locked even tighter into chastity, only able to cum when MzDominica tells you. Can I do this? By now you should know. MzDominica can do ANYTHING.

Market price: $40.00
Woof! Part 1

Come here, My little puppy! You LIKE being MzDominica's puppy slave, don't you? Yes, and I'm going to make that feeling just a little bit stronger. Mmmm... maybe a LOT stronger. And with that feeling comes a change. Your face grows longer... your legs get shorter... and a world of smells delights your keen and sensitive nose. Roll over, little puppy... and let Mistress give you a nice tummy rub! Oh yes, it feels SO good to feel My fingernails curling into your fur, relaxing you deeper and deeper into mindless canine bliss! Yes, I am truly going to transform you into My little doggy. And not just physically, oh no! You will find yourself THINKING like a dog, as well. And when it's done... Oh, but will it EVER be done? Or will you be turned into My little dog, FOREVER? Don't worry, doggy. Being MzDominica's puppy comes with some special... privileges. This mp3 is red hot! Do you think you can handle it?

Market price: $40.00
Sissy Blow Job Slave

This is for My very SPECIAL T-Girls... the ones whose mistresses want to have their girly-boys focused completely on something that only MEN have! Better be careful, My little sissy... this one could change your entire outlook on life! It's so easy... because you're already obsessed with cocks, or you wouldn't BE here... in My special brainwashing class... feeling your obsession growing! You're already salivating, aren't you? Already DROOLING with the realization... that in a few, short training sessions, you are going to become a helpless slave to sucking long, thick, throbbing cocks. you're going to ache to please them... you want to give them the pleasure of your soft lips... your hot tongue... and you crave to feel them squirt into your mouth! That's right... squeeze your nipples! your orgasm will only happen when you feel the pulse of his lust, and taste his hot cum! Mmmmmm... and then you will find yourself crawling to the feet of the next man in line, begging him to thrust his hard cock into your hungry mouth! Only a fantasy? Perhaps... but you're going to find yourself triggered constantly... endlessly aroused... your soft mouth dripping and craving to suck... every moment... all day and all night!

Captured 3

SINKER, deeper and deeper down again, a heavy, warm fluid flowing into your body, relaxing everywhere it touches. Focusing on My voice, all-internal talking turned off. Suggestions become facts as I drop you deeper and deeper DOWN, loose, limp, heavy and relaxed, floating and drifting on My controlling voice. Looking into My eyes from across the car as we ride on a cushion of air, My eyes pulling all of your energy from you. You hear Me say you must obey, as the car slows and My hand tightens upon your leg, I only have to point down-ward and your eyes become heavy and close as your mind becomes totally blank. Plucked from the car and carried by unseen arms, carried into a room and laid down upon a soft surface, sinking deeper and deeper down into the bed, My control pumping through your body like a drug, everything just floating away except for My words as I tie your hands and legs down to the bed with thick heavy leather restraints and it turns you on and arouses you, even though you never thought being kidnapped and tied up, taken and imprisoned your rock hard despite yourself. FACT you must obey Dominica. I push a button and a black, shiny helmet slides down over your head and clicks into the collar of the BLACK RUBBER SUIT. My words flashing a deep red onto the screen inside the helmet as 1000 tongues again kiss and lick and suck on your body. Trigger words are left in front of my eyes, flashing and blinking until you obey, breaking down and cracking your mind. CRAVE as strobe lights flash, flash, flash faster and faster into your eyes, back and forth, back and forth. SINKER CRAVE. SINKER CRAVE. You are Dominica's junkie, craving always needing more. The harder you get the deeper you fall. Soaking in My words, needing more and more, numb and controlled, turned into Dominica's robot. A long, thin, cool tube slides up your spine and into your mind as the mind control serum flows into your wanting needing mind washing away all that is not Dominica. Driven back to the bar all of your memories of the brainwashing erased, for now!

Naughty or Nice Day 1 - Mental Masturbation

These are short little trances, each with a post-hypnotic suggestion. You're going to find yourself able to masturbate in PUBLIC. Oh... but not in a way anybody can SEE. Dominica's way is a SECRET way for you to pleasure yourself. Any time. Any place. And nobody will know but you. And of course Me. :)~

Naughty or Nice Day 2 - Mirror Mirage

These are short little trances, each with a post-hypnotic suggestion. You are going to become your own reflection, darling. The mirror opposite of your normal self. You're going to find it very exciting doing things BACKWARDS for a day. Just how opposite will you be?

Naughty or Nice Day 3 - Emerald Elixir

These are short little trances, each with a post-hypnotic suggestion. And "short" is the operative word here, darling. Because I'm going to SHRINK you, like in one of those old sci-fi movies. Just how will you "measure up" when I'm done?


You have waited so long, My little latex pet! I know... you think I've been neglecting you. For a long time, My femme rubber slaves felt the same way... But there's a difference, you know... between neglecting you and TEASING you. I've been making you wait for a reason. I've been training you to be patient. You're going to learn to be very, VERY patient. You won't have any choice, locked into My thick, tight, heavy rubber suit. I can see it's already having an effect on you. Just thinking about it is getting you aroused, and sleepy. That's good, slave... because I have special plans for that hard, throbbing shaft of yours! This MP3 contains subliminal effects those with risk of seizures should avoid this product.


LUNCHBOX FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ALIKE Yes, My horny little slut. Whether you are a boy or a girl... if you love girls, you LOVE this special number... 69... Those curvy, little digits get your mouth watering... they get your hips pumping... they make your sex begin to THROB. Sixty-nine... 69... Sliding your hot tongue down between My legs... into My dripping, wet pussy... while My mouth glides up and down over your sex... That's right, pull My legs up and wrap your arms around My ass, while your mouth nibbles at My hard, round clit... Feel My tongue making hot, little circles around and around... and grind your sex against My face... trying to get Me to touch your most sensitive spot... And all the while, I'm fucking with your mind... I'm programming you... conditioning your responses.. Yes, Dominica's going to do a number on you... and it's going to be 69... a little mind-fuck... turning you upside-down... and inside-out... doing to your brain what I'm doing to your body... until you don't know whether you are coming or going... or going to cum!

Confess to MzDominica

Kneel. Relax. CONFESS. In this, My powerful slavery Brainwashing MP3 I begin by hypnotising you into a very calm, safe and relaxed state of mind as I take you deeply under My hypnotic control. Making you focus on the most entrancing and arousing image of Me that now fills your blank and empty mind. Then the fun really begins... They say that confession is good for the soul and I KNOW that under My intense hypnotic brainwashing and conditioning techniques you WILL feel so very, very good when you confess your deepest desires and fantasies to Me. Confess your devotion and servitude to Dominica NOW. After all, you crave, worship and obey Dominica now don't you my slave? Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnn...CONFESS NOW. Heavy sound modifications for subliminal effects were used in this mp3.

Market price: $35.00