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Tech Support FAQ

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A1. The FASTEST way is to download right when you make the order. The shopping cart displays a copy of your invoice, listing all the products in your order. Underneath the name of each one, there is a small button labeled "Download" (a VERY small button). Click on that, and you can download your file immediately!
The second fastest way is that you should receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. In that e-mail are download links for the files you have purchased. Just click on those links, or copy them to your browser, and you can download them that way.
The download links are good for 24 hours. So if you don't get a confirmation e-mail, or if you have trouble with the link, please contact MzDominica's site at hypnoticallure@yahoo.com , or use the link for "Contact Us" on Her website, and we, Her tech slaves, will see what we can do to fix things up.
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A2. This can happen for any one of several reasons. Did you check the spelling of your e-mail address when you entered it? (You'd be amazed how many people misspell their own names, or write htomail.com or yahooc.om or many other typos.)
And alas, we are still having trouble with some e-mail addresses on sbcglobal, prodigy, and other related sites. If you've carefully put in your e-mail address, but never seem to hear from hypnoticallure.com, you might want to consider getting an address on Yahoo or someplace similar, "just" for MzDominica!
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A3. We're looking for a way to fix that. Meantime, what seems to work pretty well is something like this format, putting the city in address line 2 and the county or district in as the city:
Billing Address:
First Name: Slaveboi A
Last Name: Follower
Address: 27 Slave Lane
Address (line 2): Slavesbury
City: Slavingham
Zip/Postal code: S27 44DD
Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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A4. Notice of your Gift Certificate will be sent in a separate e-mail, which will include the Gift Certificate ID number. To use it, order as usual, and when you get to the checkout, select the option to pay by Gift Certificate and enter the ID number. You can use your Gift Certificate all at once in a big order, or many times for smaller orders until the balance is exhausted. Every time, just click on the option to pay by Gift Certificate and it can't hurt to enter the ID number.
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A5. Log in and then scroll way down to the bottom. Click on Gift Certificates. The dialog will show a Gift Certificate Verification. Just enter the Gift Certificate ID and click the "Submit" button. The shopping cart will show you the total amount, the amount that remains, and the status of your Gift Certificate.
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Q6. Is there another way to pay for Your mp3's than with a credit card? I don't have a credit card, or I'm trying to keep my purchases secret. Can I use PayPal or Western Union? Can I send you a check? Can I use one of those gift cards one can buy at a convenience store?
A6. Those "buy a card" things do NOT work. And PayPal does not like to do transactions with adult businesses.

Here's what you CAN do.

1. Gift Certificates: MzDominica accepts Amazon (United States Amazon.com) to MzDominica2000@yahoo.com ONLINE GIFT CERTIFICATES ONLY. You can buy them for Her in any amount. How you pay for them is up to you and Amazon. Then send MzDominica an e-mail and tell Her you want to use the money to buy something from Her.
For a quick link to Amazon.com, go to this link: Amazon Online Gift Certificates
2. CoinStar: Yes, CoinStar. Turn your pocket change into domination and fantasy mp3s!
Go to any CoinStar machine at your local market or convenience store. Follow the easy steps:
  • Select Gift Cards and eCertificates from the main menu
  • Select Amazon.com online Gift Certificates
  • Pour in your coins
  • In just minutes, you'll receive your fully-loaded eCert right from the machine
Then send MzDominica an e-mail. Tell Her the amount and the ID number for the Amazon.com online Gift Certificate, and tell Her you want to use the money to buy something from Her.
3. Snail Mail: Send a payment in the form of a money order or cash to
Eclecticon, Inc.
P.O. Box 2061
Brewster, MA 02631

This option takes awhile because the mail has to be forwarded to MzDominica. You MUST include your e-mail address, and set up an account on Her website using that e-mail address.

For any of these three options, what we will do is set you up for Gift Certificate dollars to spend on MzDominica's site like cash, in the amount that you send.
4. Clips 4 Sale: MzDominica has placed a number of Her mp3's on this site
Their credit card handling works a little different from MzDominica.com, so you might be able to purchase the mp3 you want from there. If you don't see the particular mp3 you are looking for, please contact us at HypnoticAllure@yahoo.com, and we will beg MzDominica to make the recording available at Clips4Sale.
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A7. As we mentioned before, check your e-mail address, and make sure it's correct.
But there's another problem... spam blockers. If you're on AOL, Yahoo, SBCglobal, or any of many other e-mail services, they have e-mail filters that block certain words and phrases, certain e-mail addresses, mailings that go out to a lot of recipients (like the newsletters)... well, just about anything that somebody THINKS you might not want to see.
we get bounced e-mails all the time. And sometimes, your important e-mail may be in your "spam" folder or your "bulk" folder. You should check those from time to time, to be sure!
One thing you CAN do, is add hypnoticallure@yahoo.com to your "white list." That is, the list of addresses you'll always accept e-mail from. How to do that is different for each e-mail service. But one SIMPLE way is to add hypnoticallure@yahoo.com to your address list. Like a friend. Like a best buddy. Isn't your Mistress on your e-mail address list? Maybe She SHOULD be! Don't you want to get EVERY one of Her seductive, entrancing words?
And if you try to download one of MzDominica's sleepy, arousing trances, and something doesn't work... who are you gonna call? You're going to click on the "Contact Us" link on Her site. (Guess where your questions go...) Or you're going to write to us directly, MzDominica and Her team of Internet slaves at hypnoticallure@yahoo.com .
And we're going to do everything we can to solve your problem! But... if we can't send you a response by e-mail, because Her address is being blocked... just how are we going to make Mistress happy? Because She WANTS us to fix it. She wants us to serve Her, by serving you!
So make Mistress happy. Help _us_ make Her happy, by making things work for Her... and therefore for you! Put hypnoticallure@yahoo.com in your address book, on your white list -- anything you can do to make sure Her messages can get to your spinning, entranced, sleepy eyes!
Just think -- if MzDominica is happy, She might set the vibrators on Level 5 tonight, while we work for Her, and the expansion of Her Realm. Humming and humming... making us throb with pleasure at every keystroke. Click... click... click... ohhhhhhhhh, yessss!
You have no idea how much we want to make you happy... because it makes MzDominica happy!
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A8. If you are still getting complaints from the cart that a field is incomplete, check the "Address Book" for your account.  You should go to My Account and click on Address Book, then make sure that your BILLING address is complete, including your first and last name.   There is also a SHIPPING address.  Of course, since all MzDominica's products are delivered by downloads and telephone, you don't really need a shipping address — so go ahead and delete it, if you like. If it ever comes up that you need something physically mailed to you, we'll deal with that at the time of your order.
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A9. It works for _us_!
-- the techie slaves at hypnoticallure