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Suzy's Bimbo Hose 3

Suzy's Bimbo Hose 3

Oh suzy, bimbo suzy! Dominica's calling! Run faster girl, run faster, that's right. suzy knows that when Dominica calls its time to cum. And by now it's one of the few things that suzy DOES know in that empty little head of hers. But suzy needs to serve her purpose before she can get a reward. Does an empty headed bimbo actually HAVE a purpose? Well of course she does, but don't you worry now, Dominica has conditioned you, so that you can perform perfectly without having to think. Cause it hurts to have to think, doesn't it suzy? suzy performs her purpose exactly the way that Dominica has conditioned her to perform and then she gets a little reward. And when Dominica gives a reward, the reward is sweet! Mmm tastes almost like wild cherries mmm delicious. This is the hottest and sexiest of all the bimbo series so far. And I know it's exactly what MY bimbo suzy has been craving for.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: slutwhorejessica
    Ooooo, i love this mp3! This mp3 will continue your bimbofication by turning you into a mindless bimbo puppet for Dominica and being cinditioned to perform for Dominica without having to think. And the reward you get for performing for Dominica....mmmmmm, i won't spoil it here, but you will absolutely love being rewarded by Dominica *giggle*!