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Fem Eye Candy

My sweet little femme slut... you cannot resist what you cannot see. Your conscious mind does not register the images, the trigger words... that force you into deeper and deeper trance... into more and more compulsive feminization. No, your conscious mind is unaware of anything but My sexy pictures, and sleepy spirals. But you subsconscious mind sees all of My words, all of My pictures. And your subconscious mind obeys, My little sissy. You simply cannot help yourself.


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Feminization Chamber WIN

Are you craving a little VISUAL stimulus, babi? You listen to My sleepy feminization MP3's... you fall under the spell of My hypnotic Words... and there is a tiny part of your brain that still remembers how to think. Oh, My little bimbo... Dominica can fix THAT! Yes, just stare at My beautiful flashing images... of pink hearts... and trigger words... and gentle, spinning spirals... of soft, pretty, hypnotic feminine colors. You can watch this file with ANY of My mesmerizing feminization MP3's. There are NO sounds in this Flash file. Only images. Pretty pictures and Words. My feminization chamber, transforming you into My silly little bimbo... Your DNA being changed... from baby boy blue... to pretty feminine pink! Triggers from My mind-blanking Cells... from Jessica and Diva... from Satina and Bimbo Suzy... from so many of My sweet feminization recordings... All flashing and weaving... gliding back and forth, spinning round and round... pulsing in your brain... creating rhythms of sleep... brainwaves of dreams... gentle susurrations of mindless obedience and acceptance. So you can watch, while you listen. Watch, while you listen. Watch, and go to sleep. Watch, and obey. Feeling your mind drop deeper... slipping away into an even deeper feminization trance, than ever before! This is not just a spiral there are many visual elements to accost your senses and bring My slutty hypno gurls to a new high in Hypnotic Feminization. This file is offered for WINDOWS users.

Jessica Transformed Flash

This intense transformation .WMV Video explores the transformation of Jessica and is the perfect accompaniment to the Jessica MP3 Series. I have priced this at a discounted rate because I want you girls to ALL see how I change Jessica My horny little sex slut!

Lillith 1 FLASH MAC

JESSICA SATINAAAA SUGAR a bonanza of femme triggers and boot images sure to blow your sexy little mind slut! your voyage begins with a spinning flower... Lillith sleeps deeply tonight... I am beyond human. I am above human. I am the Wind. I am between Dream and Wakefulness. I am before all other women. I am the First. I am the Only. I am Dominica. Dominica. Dominica. You will gaze upon My images, falling into My world of Dreams... My world of Symbols... My world of Triggers. Yes, hypnotic triggers, that pull you so deeply under My spell. So deeply under My Power. Gaze at My simple spinning spiral, and listen to My Voice. Hear Me. Pulling you down. So gently at first. So seductively. You hardly notice that it is happening. But you find yourself caught. Find your mind drifting away, as your eyes stare helplessly at My images... As your ears listen, helplessly open to My words. As My triggers pull you deeper and deeper into mindless addiction... My Voice controls your thoughts. My images beguile your eyes. And My Triggers draw you deeper and deeper... over and over again... Down into helpless, mindless fascination. A receiver. A mindless receiver. You find yourself open to all My images. All my Triggers. All of Dominica. I have always been here. In your mind. Your mind that has no thoughts. No thoughts. Only Dominica. I am everything. And you are nothing. And you will stare into My images, flashing and spinning. Listen to My Voice, seducing and commanding. Fall into My trance, helpless and obedient. Over and over and over. Unable to stop. Unable to think. Unable to do anything... but stare, and listen. And obey!

My Hypnosis FLASH

My hypnosis, My way, dual flashes (one for boys and one for girls), two roads leading to the same destination, each path takes you deeper, subliminal texts sweep whilst multi-layered voices, lull you into a blissful surrender, relax, resist, either way My voice will take you and remain deep in your subconscious long after you listen. Listen closely, listen deeply, listen until your will corrodes under My subliminal power, and you cannot escape My voice that permeates your weak and helpless mind. Fall My sleepy little pet, into Dominicas blissful world of surrender. Simply open this file with a browser page like IE. EXE available upon request.