Rubber Mind Melt 2

My little latex-covered Lesbian sex addict! You ARE addicted to sex… addicted to rubber… addicted to Dominica… to Me filling all your hypnotized feminized holes and forcing you to cum over and over and over until you feel so USED you can’t stand it anymore. And I… don’t… STOP!   Be prepared for a roller coaster ride, My little whore! I’m going to increase your feminization to an even higher level! But you can take it… can’t you? Oh, maybe you CAN’T. Things are going to get extremely intense! And I can promise you this, My little whore… when I am through, you are going to feel thoroughly and completely OWNED. There will be NO doubt in your mind that you are no longer an individual… but PROPERTY. To be used as I see fit. Taken and played with. Bought and sold. Locked up… and brainwashed. A feminized rubber slave. MY feminized rubber slave. MY property. Dominica’s slave! Forever!


Rubber Mind Melt 2Length: 45 minutes

Our Price: $45.00


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  • #1 written by Barbii
    about 2 years ago

    are there any FREE hypnosis doalndows for blushing?I am a chronical blusher, and get red in the face very easily, after realising many tips hints and so forth do not help or work, I decided to explore hypnosis. Being a lowly peasant I am hoping to find some free mp3 doalndows for my red face, but so far google has failed me. there are free hypnosis site but they don;t include blushing on there.does anyone know where I can find a free hypnosis download or mp3 for blushing?thanks, x

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