Ms Satina 3

What is your one, true desire, Satina?  To cum constantly.  A never-ending orgasm that lasts hours… days…  Waves of pleasure rolling through your body, one after another after another…  While you take a shower… while you eat breakfast… while you work and you read… while you have dinner… while you watch TV…  You cum… and cum… and cum…  Nipples so hard, pussy so wet!  You’re addicted.  You’re so addicted to My Voice… addicted to My satin…  You’re My little sex addict… and you’ll do anything to get it…  You’ll do anything to please Dominica… so I will let you cum… so I will let you cum ALL the time!  And you KNOW what I want.  Yes, you know.  You transform yourself more and more into a female, every day.  And there’s nothing HE can do about it.  You know the one I mean… locked in the closet, deep within your mind… watching you from inside your mind… brainwashed by My Words…  He’s getting off on it.  He kneels there all day, every day… stroking himself… drooling…  Watching you put on the creamy satin blouses… the revealing mini-skirts… the slutty, dark, silky hose.  Watching you inhale the hot smoke from your long, shiny cigarette holder… or swirl your pink tongue around and around the tip of an ice cream cone… licking up the sweet, creamy drops and swallowing.  There’s nothing he can do, because Satina is becoming stronger in you, every day.  And every day, your addiction to Dominica grows stronger, too.  You cannot resist Me anymore, Satina.  And if you want Me to let you cum again, you need to give in… NOW!


Ms Satina 3Length: 38 minutes

Our Price: $40.00


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