Relaxed and WET

This is a different kind of a pee trance, My pet. So many of them relax you down, little by little… and then try to create a sense of urgency, to SHOCK you into wetting on cue. And maybe that works… for some people… but not for you. You get SO relaxed, and you’re about to simply let go… but then the urgent command makes you clench up so hard, you can’t even FORCE your full and aching bladder to pee. Ah… but what if that urgent command NEVER came? What if the trance simply lulled you down… further and further… into relaxation so deep… that the pee simply, softly DRIBBLED out? No hurry… no urgency… nothing has to happen right away… You simply sink down, listening to My words… maybe listening once… maybe listening over and over on loop. Nothing has to happen today… nothing has to happen tomorrow… Just relax, and listen to the calm sound of the waves on a tropical beach… warm water washing up, over your toes, then receding… You can stop worrying. Stop thinking. And just relax. Soft. Quiet. Warm. Wet. Letting My words washhhhhh away all your stress… all the strain… all the burdens that you carry so much of the day. They don’t matter. Even this MP3 doesn’t matter. It just feels so good to relax SO completely!


Length 33 min

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