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Robotic Enslavement mp3
You know that you want to become My completely programmed robot slave. You’ve dreamed about it. Fantasized about it. About Me and My sexy, sinister, and wildly hypnotic charms changing your body into the heavy, cold steel. Unchanging and unknowing of anything that is not automatic and obedient. About Me changing your brain — programming you, even at the most basic level. (The most very, basic level possible.) You can’t do ANYTHING, unless I tell you to. You must do EVERYTHING I tell you to. You don’t have a choice anymore, as if you ever did. I know you think you have a certain amount of control your always trying so hard to kill, to destroy from its root. Being a robot isn’t about having a choice — it’s all about following your programming AUTOMATICALLY. And you WILL follow My programming, MzDominica’s divine mind manipulation. This is for My little boy robots, and My little girl robots! Come into the lab, lie down on the slab — and awaken to your new life, as Dominica’s new robot slave!
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