Captured 1 Free MP3

Captured 1
FREE Captured 1 mp3 Beginning Mental Bondage mp3

Siiiiinnnnkkkeerrrrrr! THIS is the place to start for My BOY slaves. The original Captured recording was the very first mp3 I ever produced. It contains the very strong and intense trigger word SINKER! Other hypnotists have imitated Me, using that word on their own subjects because it is so well known and powerful! Without effort the subject is rendered totally helpless and compliant.

And now I have remastered the recording, rewriting the script, recording it in high quality, and adding SUBLIMINAL BINAURAL BEATS. Those of My slaves that own the original must refresh your training now by exposing your mind to Captured Remastered. I am coming after you with both barrels loaded this time… you will find yourself Captured… Kidnapped… Imprisoned. How many ways can I kidnap you and make you vanish into the thin air? That’s what the Captured Series is all about, being captured from different places and taken again and again to be programmed in My secluded basement lab. Kneeling on the examination table. Encased within My BLACK RUBBER SUIT. Feel the liquid latex as I pour it all over your body, turn you over and pour the black latex from your head to your feet. It hardens all over your skin. So thick. So tight. The tiny sensors now stuck all over your body, exposing your weaknesses to Me. Mmmmmm, yes… weaknesses. I intend to take FULL advantage. Commanding the BLACK RUBBER SUIT to simulate 1000 tongues licking and kissing and sucking every single crease, crack and crevice of your body… controlling your body while My words control your mind. Forcing you to CRAVE My control as you float… and drift… riding on My melodic, entrancing voice. All of My suggestions become FACT within your mind, as I become your lover… your tormentor… your Nemesis!

Recording: Listen to Entire mp3 (Click to listen, or right click and save to your computer)
Length: 42 minutes
Price: Free


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