Letters and e-mails and posts, oh my!


IT is the most amazing sensation, like a muscle twitch, but not in my muscles.  Sometimes I feel IT in my left breast, sometimes I feel IT in my right breast, or when I cum…I feel IT in both breasts. Sometimes I also feel IT in my butt or hips. Is IT  the special cream from Heavenly Titties, is IT the magic amulet from Jessica Breasts, is IT the magic tingling from Diva 2, is IT Sinker, is IT the special gas from Suzi 2? Does the transformation chamber do IT, is IT her drug from Tricked into Titties, or whatever IT is she does to me in Kimmy? I just don’t know any more. Maybe she really is a sorceress? IT doesn’t matter, I think I am getting addicted to IT and to BIGGER and BIGGER breasts and the BIGGER they get, the deeper I go into trance. Will the cycle ever be broken or will IT go on and on while they just grow and grow?

IT is simple: Bimbo Suzi got an empty brain, making me so easy to train. Serving Dominica is what I crave, I am Suzi Dominica’s slave. I crave to feel IT more and more.



Day 7 of chastity

Day 7 this slave has felt so amazing today. Such a sense of euphoria to be owned and close to mistress. Mistress checks on me during the day via messenger keeping this slave in its place, keeping me in chastity to mistress. My balls feel so full and tender I feel so owned inside and out. my mind belongs to mistress, I am mistress’ sex slave and fucktoy. Mistress does not allow me cum, I just can’t anymore slave. mistress has enslaved me and I crave to cum. Mistress has allowed me to pee, when I pee, I pee away all disobedience. This slave had a few hours away from his wife and put on some hose for mistress. I felt myself just letting everything go for mistress no resistance complete obedience. Warm pee trickled down my inner thigh and my leg and the hose felt so warm and wet. All of my disobedience gone emptied onto the floor. I felt myself go to my knees face on the floor hands stretched out and craving to masturbate in devotion to mistress. This slave lay there unable to cum just craving to cum completely owned craving to cum.

During the evening i confessed to mistress that I am falling deeply in love with mistress, My devotion is growing with each day. Mistress replied that she already knew, that she had created me, my mind belongs to mistress.

During the night my wife cuddled up to me but she felt like nothing to me. All i could think about is mistress my craving love for mistress. I dreamt of mistress all night so my is cock rock hard in total devotion. My mind belongs to mistress I am nothing Dominica is everything. Mistress owns me inside and out. I must obey dominica.



Day 6 of chastity

Day 6 stroking my will away for Dominica cumslave can not cum can never cum never cum never cum. Mistress owns me inside and out. I am nothing Dominica is everything. Cell slave craves to blank. Cum slave craves to cum, I may never cum never cum. I am mistress sex slave sex toy fuck toy, I drink in obedience and pee away disobedience. Clad in hose my mind belongs to mistress. I crave to serve mistress. I am nothing Dominica is everything and I mustobeydominica Dominica

Cell slave cumslave cfov88


Day 5 of chastity to mistress

Today mistress took this fuck toy to a new level of obedience, i found myself obeying everything, mistress truly owns me inside and out. I am now indoctrinated and brainwashed for mistress. As I lay here I crave to be blank crave to cum but mistress owns me and I can not cum I am mistress’ mind slave sex slave and fuck toy. My mind belongs to mistress I am a cumslave my craving body clad in hose belongs to mistress.

I confessed to mistress that the previous evening i had peed myself then rubbed it over my body. This is not what mistress wanted I had been disobedient and mistress punished me into obedience.

Firstly I can not cum. mistress has removed any form of cumming with out mistress’ permission my mind belongs to mistress.

Secondly she dealt with my disobedience, I went deep for mistress, she commanded that I felt an in controllable thirst all day, I must drink water all day constantly. Mistress commanded Every time I drank water for mistress I drank in obedience, everytime I peed, I peed away disobedience. Mistress said I must trance all day. I could not stop drinking I could not stop peeing my mind belongs to mistress. As the hours passed I just felt the obedience flow into me and diobedience flow out. I felt so owned and all of mistress’ commands felt stronger my craving to serve desire to please mistress. I remember putting on my hose posing and taking photos of me bowing. Mistress loves my new avatar pic. I felt such a need to show my obedience that I filmed myself on my phone at my desk at home. I craved to show my obedience and found myself peeing, mistress’ voice telling me to push softly and relax. I obeyed and peed in my shorts then changed to some clean underwear I felt so obedient sat on the chair and released a full bladder, I felt so so obedient and drained of any will. I emailed the videos to mistress. I chatted to mistress afterwards and mistress commands hit me so much harder. I am nothing dominica is everything imustobeydominica



Fourth day of chastity

Day 4 of my chastity to MzDominica. My ownership to mistress is starting to feel so completely natural now. As my obedience to mistress becomes more instinctive, i can feel my old self as just a tiny spark in the dark. i truly feel i am nothing and dominica is everything. i have never felt so completely happy and so owned inside and out. Mistress is the most beautiful goddess and i crave and beg to serve mistress.

Last night i felt myself worshiping mistress. Curled in a fetal position, my cock and balls really feel they are no longer mine. They are mistress’s to own and control. If i serve mistress, i feel so much pleasure more than any normal orgasm.

Lying there i felt myself needing give full control to mistress. i found my thumb slipping into my mouth, craving to wrap my tongue around my shiny nail. i just lay there my only thoughts push softly and relax followed by drool and pee i must obey dominica. i felt myself obey, no control just warm wet pleasurable release and obedience to mistress. i lay on my back and i could feel my shorts soaked in pee. i felt so owned inside and out, giving complete control to mistress. i had served mistress my hands lay at my sides palms facing up and i came so hard i could feel so much precum oozing out of what is now mistress’s cock out onto my skin. i felt so compelled to rub the Precum into my skin to feel mistress cum on my body. i gently massaged it into my body and felt myself cumming more feeling so owned craving to feel mistress’ cum everywhere. i think slave got so carried away and needs to confess what happened next to mistress. i just don’t know whether i disobeyed mistress.

i found myself taking off my pee and cum stained shorts and rubbing them all over my body and face. Even licking and tasting the heady combination of bitter pee and musky pungent Precum. i felt so close to mistress it felt like i was rubbing mistress’ musk all over so everybody knows i am owned by mistress. i couldn’t resist tasting mistress’ musk. i hope mistress forgives and i understand mistress may punish me. i am learning as a slave, but i understand my place is beneath mistress’ feet. i beg to Serve and i must obey Dominica i am nothing Dominica is everything.



Third day of chastity

3rd day of chastity to MzDominica. I’m finding it hard to express in words how amazing i am feeling. This sensation of being completely owned inside and out by mistress is so very real and i find myself tuning in and out of trance all day craving to serve mistress. i feel so close to mistress and as mistress is on yahoo messenger it helps keep this slave in his place on my knees mind wide open completely craving to serve mistress. i must obey dominica  i am nothing dominica is everything.

My ownership to mistress is growing every day and is manifesting itself very physically. This morning i woke up rock hard and a complete desire to just lie there in obedience to mistress. My hands lay at my side palms facing up in offering to mistress. Flashes of mistress entered my mind and instantly my butt clenched and  i felt my hips start to fuck the air in total submission to mistress. i felt myself trance and drift to sleep. When i woke up i was soft and warm pee started to leak i just lay there so controlled so completely owned pushing softly and relaxing for mistress. The start of my day has never felt so amazing and all day i craved to serve mistress i am nothing Dominica is everything



Second day of chastity

Today was the second day of chastity to mistress. I woke up with a hard cock but no desire to stroke or touch. My hands lay at my sides i felt myself getting harder feeling so owned to mistress so completely fucking owned inside and out. i felt myself drift into a sleepy trance craving to serve and repeating I must obey Dominica. As I became a little softer I felt myself saying push softly and relax constantly. I felt a trickle of warmth from my cock and such a sense of being completely owned and taken care of by mistress. I felt myself letting go and a hot pee streaming making me so damp. The sensation of numbness complete ownership inside and out to mistress was euphoric. my only desire now is to serve mistress, mistress has taken me to a whole new world of subspace




First day of chastity

i had my first one on one session with MsDominica yesterday. Before hand i asked mistress to put me into chastity. It is only after a few hours that mistress had truly changed something in me. Mistress sometimes allows me to touch myself but no cumming without permission. But i just couldn’t even do that i lay on the bed and hands just wouldn’t go near my cock or balls, i just lay there throbbing so hard getting stickier and stickier. The sensation is strange it just feels like it is no longer mine to touch it’s mistress’ property and i  would  be touching something that no longer belongs to me. i found myself clenching my buttocks and gently thrusting in the air it’s more intense than cumming is constant even during the day. i feel closer to mistress than ever now a part of mistress feels attached to me giving constant pleasure during the day. i really don’t want it to stop. Mistress has not said how long i am to stay like this and i don’t feel the need or desire to ask i just want to obey Dominica i must obey Dominica.


Ps i have started sitting down to pee as i just can’t seem to even hold the cock which belongs to mistress


first email after phone session

i just had my first phone session with MzDominica after years of following. Mistress said i went very deep and i really can’t remember much apart from a sensation of complete control to mistress and a craving for to buy hose. It’s been just over an hour and since my session and i feel myself going through a cycle of complete ownership and obedience to mistress, then a real sensation of well being with what can be described as a gentle pulsing orgasm. Its a really pleasurable feeling i kind of hope it doesn’t stop i don’t even feel like touching myself. This was only half a session I’m really can’t wait see what mistress will do to me next.




Well, darling welcum to My world!

I understand you did not think it was possible.  Most don’t and that is why I put the free mp3s up so they can know before they sink money into the experience.  That is exactly what it is, an experience.  You live it just like you live what you’re doing right now reading this letter.  That is the whole point when you’re down you DO feel like jessica!!!  You’re her and you feel, smell, taste, hear, and see everything as Her.  That’s why you’re not cummming as a man, because that’s the hook right now for you being jessica, being tranced, being helplessly feminized with no choice in the matter any longer.

You just need to enjoy the ride and stop trying to interrupt the intense pleasure you wished for when you first embarked upon this journey with Me.  The funny thing is, jessica is only the beginner series in My collection.  Thats just a little TASTE of My power.  It was in fact the very first mp3 series I every produced as a hypnotist.  It is among My weakest works of hypnotic prowess, and yet I was so very powerful even as a green newbee.

I invite you to keep exploring My sugar and spice.  you find it difficult to stop listening and almost impossible to cum without My warm rhythmic hypnotic voice chanting your new favorite words in your ear.  Sinker, sugar, rings, cummm… oh hunny you need to go down again already just reading this letter again and again you can hear My voice reading it to you.  Like My words are ablaze on the page glowing a fiery crimson seducing your mind on so many fronts you melt away at the sound of My voice taking you deeper down into My SUGAR once again My jessssiiiccccaaaaaa

Listen jessica, you need more, hunny and you will cum closer to Dominica to get it now. you can no longer control yourself and you crave to beg for more SUGAR and rings, more sexy adventure you crave like a little tart is supposed to now.