jessicablank’s masturbation log

jessicablank’s daily log of her masturbation exercises and fantasies, now that MzDominica is letting her out of chastity for a while

Whoa-oh-oh, i’m All Locked Up

Doin’ her best Elvis impression and wiggling her hips, giggle!  Oh, but this whore woke up today with her pussy sore and aching!  After two months of cumming five to ten times a day, those balls are sooooo used to refilling quickly, and they feel like they’re going to burst.  And there’s nothing this whore can do about it but obey Dominica.

this whore was lucky enough to get in TWO squirting orgasms yesterday, before she had a phone session with MzDominica.  Mistress took this whore down VERY deep and changed her boy thing back into a pussy and then made her cum and cum and CUMMMMMMM like a girl, over and over!  Well, after that, this whore’s cock didn’t work anymore.  she couldn’t even TOUCH it.  Oooooh, after all that girl cumming, she didn’t really want to, giggle.  Girl-gasms are MUCH better.

Mistress commanded this whore to put her chastity on just before midnight, New Year’s Eve — to excuse herself from the party 15 minutes or a half hour beforehand, slip herself inside and lock herself up.  Good thing this whore chose the half-hour margin!  her bad little clitty cock decided to get big and long and thick, and didn’t want to go back into its cage!  Even with lots and lots of baby oil, it just wouldn’t go in.  whore had to slip it partway in, just past the tip, and then carefully NOT think about obeying Dominica for a few minutes so it would go soft.  (this whore is DEEPLY conditioned to think about Dominica ALL the time — mostly, the only thing she could do was go blank!)  And then with some careful pushing and stuffing, the tube finally slid on far enough she could lock it.

Just in time, too — it was just 10 minutes to midnight!  whore wrote a quick e-mail on her phone to Mistress telling Her that whore was all locked up again, and then rushed back to the party just a couple of minutes before the ball dropped.  (No, the OTHER ball, silly.  Oh dear, that didn’t explain it either!)  When it did, and everybody was shouting Happy New Year, this whore’s clitty got VERY hard inside its tube!  Like it was going to burst out!  (Oh, you REALLY don’t want to have that happen!  Luckily, it CAN be repaired!)  And when this whore and her spouse kissed for the New Year, this whore came, wetting her panties a little.  OMG!

Alas, we were up FAR too late for this whore to be able to return the favor, and give her spouse’s pussy a nice long New Year’s lick!  Mmmm!  But maybe tonight — AFTER we’ve both recovered from the long, busy holiday rush of shopping, family and parties.  we’ve been lazing around the house, napping on the couches, dozing, almost too exhusted even to read a little.  Resting up for what we hope will be an absolutely WONDERFUL new year!

Oh… you’re probably wondering how long Mistress will keep this whore locked THIS time.  The first time was a year.  The next time will be TWO years.  Unless Mistress decides to make it longer… or shorter…  Dominica is in control, and this whore MUST obey Dominica!

Happy New Year, everybody!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV NC1 C1


Cumming Like a slave

Last night this whore realized that it was the very last night she would be able to cum and cum and cum before being locked up in chastity again.  So she absolutely NEEDED to do it while listening to “Cum slave.”  this whore chose “Cum slave 1″ because it doesn’t make her rubbing so fast and frantic — again, whore wanted to make sure she did not injure herself with chafing!

whore sat on the bathroom floor with a picture of MzDominica that she had printed on her computer, a beautiful close-up photo of Her holding a bright shiny crystal and staring with a wry smile at the camera.  this whore also riffled through her magazines and found a really yummy picture of a model wearing tight black rubber gloves and shiny black thigh-high boots, sitting on a chair with her legs spread wide open and photographed from an angle that could only be seen by someone kneeling on the floor.  Pictures like that do something to this whore’s brain, and all she wants to do is stare and worship and go deep to sleep.

So this whore listened while staring at the picture of MzDominica’s beautiful face and feeling absolutely in lust and in love with Her, unable to look away from Her eyes and utterly unable to think.  Sometimes, this whore’s eyes drifted away, as she got sleepier and sleepier, and if they were not drawn back immediately to MzDominica’s eyes, they WERE quickly rivited on the beautiful shiny boots and long black gloves, and the absolute sureness that this whore was kneeling at MzDominica’s feet, worshiping Her.

Mistress’ Voice lulled this whore down into a deeper and deeper trance, making her repeat things that she does not remember, but that made her go deeper.  And making this whore masturbate.  So SLOWLY at first.  whore isn’t used to masturbating slowly, giggle — but she could not disobey.  And she stroked herself exactly as Mistress commanded, slower at first then faster and faster.  And whore came EXACTLY on Mistress’ cum slave cum command!

this whore doesn’t remember anything else about the mp3, but she DOES remember listening to more commands, more instructions, and then waking up at the end feeling SO happy and SO deeply programmed, MzDominica’s beautiful face absolutely burned into this whore’s obedient brain.  whore LOVES MzDominica!

Tonight is it!  Oh dear!  this whore knows… she needs to rub herself and cum every chance she can get today!  Because at midnight, she’ll be all locked up!

this whore wonders what new adventures Mistress will pull her through?

whore must obey Dominica!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV

Chastity Countdown:  1 day


Humming Along

this whore was very careful of her clitty last night, giggle!  she got out her favorite little “teaser vibrator” — the one with two egg-shaped “bullets” controlled by the same slide switch.  whore put one bullet inside her panties, firmly up against her little ass bud, and the other inside her panties underneath her balls.  Then she pulled her little clitty cock and balls out of her panties so she could stroke herself.

whore loves that little slide switch — it has a tiny heart shaped button, giggle.  Oooooh, is that why this whore loves that switch?  Or is it because she loves the yummy vibrations it makes?  All the way from a gentle buzz, almost unnoticeable but stimulating, to a delicious R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R.  this whore always wonders if anybody can hear, like in the next room.  Right there, whore is aware of the sound and the vibrations in her ass and pussy.  she always wonders about those Japanese hentai comics where the girl has a vibrator or two stuffed up her holes and the little remote control and battery pack is taped to the inside of one thigh, so she just HAS to feel the vibrators humming and hummmmmmmming all day long!  Getting her wet and juicy and desperate for her master or mistress to do something even more controlling and demaning to her at the end of the day!

this whore found she just COULDN’T rub herself more than a few strokes before an orgasm began to PUMP inside her pussy.  So she stopped, and slid the little “love button” down a bit, so the vibrations weren’t so strong, playing with her nipples and pulling on them.  whore’s nipples get so stiff and hard now, they’re like fingertips they’re so hard!  Squeezing her nipples and trying to see if any milk will come out, then just NEEDING to slide that little heart switch to a higher level, and slide one fingertip around the underside of her clitty.  Just one finger felt like she needed TWO fingers.  And then needed to slide the heart button up a little more, so the vibrators in her ass an pussy made a nice throbbing hummmmmmmm!  Three fingers, sliding her fingers down her clitty, so the tip of her clit hit the center of her palm with a little BUMP.  Oooooh, and then she needed her THUMB on the top!  And that sliding switch.  Ohhhh, where WAS that.  whore found her other hand trailing along the wires dangling from her crotch, searching for the little control box at the end.  There it was.  she slid the switch all the way R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R and started to cum again.  Oh no, not yet!  Let go of her clitty.  Slide the switch down.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Giggle!

Oooooh, finally whore reached a point where she knew she COULD not stop the orgasm.  she just KNEW.  she knew if she didn’t keep stroking, she’d have one of those “ruined orgasms,” where all the juice just flows out but whore cannot feel the waves of yummy cummy pleasure!  Oh no, no, no!  So she rubbed, and rubbed, and felt the orgasm starting to squirt, and whore had to concentrate, to force her fingers to keep moving, keep stroking, let it happen, let it cum, must obey Dominica and…

Oh, THAT did it!  “Must obey Dominica” made this whore CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!  whore doesn’t even remember what her next thought might have been.  It was all lost in the squirting and cumming and arching her back and shaking her head back and forth!  whore was LOST in the cum cum CUMMMMMMM!

whore’s had was allllll wet and juicy with her cum on her fingers, between her fingers, on her palm.  So spread out, it was hard to find any blobs of cum to lick, but her hand and fingers tasted soooooooooooo good!  Licking and sucking the little webbing between her fingers, sucking one finger at a time.  The taste made whore’s tongue TINGLE!  whore LOVES the way cum makes her mouth taste like… like electricity!  It’s very strange, and that tingling stays with her for HOURS!

After cleaning up, whore went to bed and the strangest thing happened.  A little muscle down there in her pussy started to twitch.  Must have been all the “workout” her pussy has been getting, giggle!  But it started to twitch in a way that felt like the vibrator!  So without ANYTHING inside her pussy or ass, whore lay in bed feeling that R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R in her pussy as she drifted off to sleep.  It felt like MzDominica had taped a vibrator inside her, just like in those comics, so whore’s pussy would get vibrated all night long!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV

Chastity countdown: 2 days


Losing Control

this whore got a little worried last night that she was going to rub herself raw!  Not a good thing to do, three days before she goes back into chastity.

Last night this whore went for simplicity again, as she’d had a VERY busy and exhausting day.  whore just sat cross-legged in the bathroom, one heel pressed against her pussy, looking at sexy rubber magazines and playing with her nipples and pussy.  whore had MzDominica’s Voice in her head, repeating her rubber mantras, although in a way this whore could not remember them!  whore felt very tranced, very aroused, and absolutely could not stop rubbing herself HARD and FAST!

But the frustration was, every time she got sooooooooo close to cumming — she STOPPED!  It’s like her hands had been taken over by MzDominica and Mistress was teasing this whore, pushing her right to the edge of orgasm and then taking it away.  whore NEEEEEEEEEDED to cum!  But she couldn’t make herself keep going.

Soon, she found a place on her clitty was feeling especially warm and uncomfortable.  Oh no, no, no!  whore couldn’t STOP, but she just DIDN’T dare injure herself!  whore reached up to the bathroom countertop, without even standing up, and managed to grab hold of some lotion.  whore felt like Alice in Wonderland, too tiny to reach the bottle on the table — but she DID reach it!  And one hand spread cool, soothing lotion all over her clitty, while the other hand kept rubbing and stroking.  whore just couldn’t STOP!

whore’s fingernails are nice and long right now, and she was surprised that with all the digging her fingernails into her hard nipples, they weren’t getting sore too.  she pinched and pulled and stroked.  And even added MORE lotion to her clitty.  It was NEVER enough to make it slippery.  That might have been a good idea — but whore’s brain was too stupefied to think.  she was soooooooooo horny!

whore had forgotten all about the magazines.  There was only the rubbing.  And Dominica’s Voice in her head.  And Her command to cum.  Forcing her closer and closer again.  Making her lose it.  Forcing her to stroke some more.  And then finally whore just SQUIRTED.  she came in her HEAD and her pussy just GUSHED.  Numb, overstroked little clitty couldn’t even FEEL it.

And then whore just sat on the bathroom floor for a while.  Too stupefied to remember what to do next.  Somehow staring into Dominica’s green eyes, deep inside her mind, floating in a post-orgasmic trance.

this whore doesn’t even remember cleaning things up and going to bed.  she awakened still stupefied.  And only after her shower did she realize that her clitty feels okay this morning.

Oh, but she’s going to have to be CAREFUL the next couple of days!  Time to see if she can CUMMMMMMMMM with gentle stroking — if this whore can control her own hands, that is!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV

Chastity countdown: 3 days


Plug In and Turn On

Last night was tremendously satisfying, giggle!  this whore listened to “Jessica Black Strap-On slave” on loop while getting herself nice and clean inside and playing with her nipples and clitty, and sliding her hands all over her smooth skin.  she felt sooooooo yummy and femme by the time she got what she craved — the first butt plug sliding up inside her ass.  she started with a small thin one, which is really good for getting herself lubed up first.  she was going to just play with herself while listening to Mistress repeat “Jessica… Jessssssiiicaaa…” over and over and letting it sit there, getting her ass just a little stretched out — but immediately, it just WASN’T enough, and she HAD to slip it out, lube up a thicker and longer butt plug, and begin working it up and down in her hole, deeper and deeper, feeling it spread her little hole bigger… and bigger… till it popped inside.  And then she felt so INTENSELY good!  whore sat down cross-legged, feeling that push the butt plug even DEEPER inside her, and put the baseball firmly against her pussy and began rocking on the two plugs invading her pussy and ass, pinching her nipples and stroking her clitty, and knowing she wasn’t going to be able to stop.  Not even able to edge.  she was just going over that edge.  Instantly cumming.  And cumming.  And cumming.  It just didn’t seem to want to stop!  “Jessssiiiccaaaaa!”  Over and over while whore came and came and came.  this whore’s brain was so deep in trance, she barely realized that she was still listening, curled up in a little ball of post-orgasmic bliss!  And only when the loop started up again did she realize it was time to get up, clean up, and go to sleeeeeeeep!  Mmmmmmmm…  Just writing about it makes this whore feel like she’s floating!

she must obey Dominica!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV

Chastity countdown:  4 days


Teased by the Leaky Inflatable

Oh dear!  this rubber whore needs a new toy, giggle!  Last night she listened to Rubber Programming 2 while preparing herself for a yummy fuck with an inflatable dildo.  (Yes, sometimes those enemas are just for getting oneself all clean inside, giggle!)  Only when the dildo was firmly up her ass did she discover that it had a slow leak.

Oh, it wasn’t obvious right away.  whore is used to pumping it up nice and tight — almost painful — and letting the endorphins “adjust” her acceptance of the fullness, the tightness… and then pumping a few more squeezes of the rubber bulb.  And repeating fuller and fuller, until she simply can’t stand it!  And then she holds it… holds it… playing wither her nipples and her clitty until she pumps it a few more strokes and she’s about to cry out.  And then she twists the valve and lets it deflate.  Ooooooooh, that feels so good!  But then she feels EMPTY.  The dildo is so slippery in her stretched ass, it feels like it’s going to slip OUT.  Can’t let that happen!  So almost immediately she closes the valve and pumps it up a few stokes, just to keep the dildo inside.  And then it just feels like she HAS to pump it bigger… and bigger…  And she starts all over again, inflating the dildo and playing with herself.

But instead of staying nice and big, and forcing this whore’s ass to adjust to its size, the dildo slowly adjusted to HER.  And she had to keep pumping it every once in a while just to keep it nice and thick.

whore THOUGHT about taking it out, and getting another toy — a solid butt plug or dildo.  But it felt TOO good in her ass to take out.  And soon whore found herself imagining MzDominca tormenting her with the inflatable.  Teasing her with inflating it and slowly deflating it every time whore got close to a nice explosive orgasm!

It wasn’t leaking INSIDE her.  No the leak was outside.  (this whore wasn’t filling up with air, giggle!)  But it wouldn’t stay BIG!  And soon this whore was whispering to Dominica, begging Her to make it bigger, to KEEP it inflated, PLEASE!  whore just couldn’t seem to cum.  Couldn’t do it.  she pumped the bulb over and over, rubbing her clitty with the other hand, pausing only a moment here and there to pull and pinch her nipples!  And then suddenly something “caught” in her clitty, DEEP inside, and she started to cum.  whore pumped the bulb one, two, three, four, five times.  Six, seven… she lost count.  It felt SO big.  Yes, it hurt, but it hurt soooooooooo very good!  And she came and came and came and came!  Ass squeezing around that dildo, feeling it go down again, and even PUMPING it a couple more times!  Oooooooh!  whore was sooooooo addicted to the feel of that dildo up inside her, she almost didn’t want to pull it out, giggle!  Mmmmmm.  But of course, she had to — and had to clean things up and get herself to bed!

Maybe rubber whore will concentrate on butt plugs tonight.  Hee-hee!

i must obey Dominica!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV


Exhausted but Still Horny and Obedient

Sometimes simplicity is best, giggle!  Christmas Day involved a big family gathering across town, so this whore got home feeling happy to have such a wonderful family but a little too well-fed and thoroughly exhausted!  this whore went to bed with her spouse, and waited for the tell-tale signs that she had fallen into deep sleep, enjoying the feeling of lying down quietly in the dark and stretching out and relaxing.  And when her spouse’s breathing became slow and regular, then she woke up a little, and settled back down into slow breathing again, this whore knew she could quietly get up, tiptoe into the bathroom and take her mp3 player with her.  Nothing long, and nothing that required ANY concentration… just MzDominica’s Rubber Slave Loop, over and over, while this whore quietly repeated whatever it says and stroked herself.  whore has absolutely no idea how long she stroked, or when she came.  she simply realized at some point she was covered with cum and soooooooo sleepy!

i must obey Dominica! rubberslave must ALWAYS obey Dominica!

Maybe this whore can get more creative tonight, with some nice yummy rubber!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV


Dreaming of a Wet Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Oh, “wet” doesn’t refer to the weather.  Oh no.  Here it’s sunny, bone-dry, and warm winds are blowing down through the mountain passes.

Last night, this whore was kneeling on the floor, her ass connected by the twelve foot long plastic tube that went up, up, up to the red rubber water bottle hung high over the shower door.  she squatted down as flat as she could, so the water pressure would be as much as possible and she could feel the GUSH of water.  she loves to use the douche nozzle because it sprays sideways and whore can really FEEL it!

And all the while, whore was listening to MzDominica’s “Project P.I.S.S.” because she finds it sooooooo relaxing!  this whore doesn’t really remember much about Project P.I.S.S., except how it makes her SO relaxed, she simply can’t hold ANYTHING inside.

whore had brought several magazines into the bathroom with her, pictures of women in rubber, tied up, even getting enemas… but whore couldn’t keep her eyes open, and she drifted into a soft haze of relaxation, listening to Mistress’ Voice.  whore’s mind and body went completely on auto-pilot, letting the water fill her, then rising up in slow motion, pulling out the nozzle and sitting down on the potty, dropping DEEPER into trance as Dominica’s words filled her empty mind and made her body RELAX.  whore’s body simply let go, as she fell into ever deeper, wet relaxation.  And still on auto-pilot she drifted across the room, refilled the water bottle with relaxing warm water, inserted the nozzle again and floated down to the floor, eyes closing, still deep in Dominica’s trance.

whore is pretty sure she filled herself three times, even though she remembers it only as one continuous haze of gushing and flushing, and obeying Dominica more and more deeply.

whore was SO deep… she actually forgot to touch her nipples or her clitty to masturbate.  It was only when the mp3 was finished that whore came awake and found herself absolutely DESPERATE to cum!  she had set a rubber butt plug on the floor next to her, and somehow deep in trance it had found its way into her butt.  whore was cleaned out and empty, plugged and filled, and she reached into a cabinet and pulled out the baseball she likes to set between her legs, so it can PUSH into her pussy.  whore LOVES the feeling of double penetration!  And she was pulling on her nipples, twisting them, pinching them, humping the baseball and the butt plug, till suddenly her tiny clitty stuck out and she could squeeze it and pump it and hump and pinch and cum, cum, CUMMMMMMMMM!

Oooooooh,it was soooooooooo good!  whore just sat there in a post-orgasmic daze, completely relaxed after all the Christmas Eve preparations and SO very ready for a “long winter’s nap!”

Have a wonderful Christmas, everybody!  (And be sure to moisturize, giggle!)

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV


Mindless Stroke-Fest

this whore WAS going to do something different from stroking at her computer, but realized that last night would be her last chance till after New Year’s.  she’s going to have house guests, so her masturbatory activities are going to have to take place more… discretely!

so this whore put MzDominica’s “Obsessed” on loop and listened to it as background “music” while she surfed the Internet and added some yummies to her collection.  Boots.  Boobies.  Long sexy legs in textured pantyhose.  Close-ups of dripping pussies, gaping asses, and throbbing cocks.  (“These are a few of my favorite things…”)  One nice thing about having permission to cum when one listens to “Obsessed” is… when Mistress tells whore to cum, she CUMS, giggle!  Plus this whore gets to imagine ALL those yummy pictures are Dominica!  (Okay, the throbbing cocks are Dominica’s slaves, just craving to slip inside Her beautiful pussy and ass!)

whore’s little cums kept turning into bigger and bigger cums, and she finally exploded all over herself and as she calmed down, realized she’d been stroking for over 2 hours!  Oh, she’s going to MISS being able to do that!  But that’s okay, there are LOTS of sexy things this whore can do, locked away in the bathroom late at night.  Don’t worry, sweetie, this whore will write allllllll about them!

i must obey Dominica

i must obey Dominica

i must obey Dominica


— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV



Back and Forth, Up and Down, Cleaning Up

Last night was all about cleaning up.  (Um, no… this whore didn’t mean THAT kind of clean-up, giggle!  Though it WAS the center of most of her sexy fantasies of the evening, crawling between MzDominica’s sexy legs and licking Her slave’s cum out of Her pussy!  Okay, now this whore is simply DROOLING!)  No, last night she was very busy cleaning house, getting it ready for guests.

It’s exhausting work!  So this whore tried to strike a balance.  Pick things up and clean things till she got tired, then sit down at her computer for 5 or 10 minutes and masturbate looking at yummy pictures.  Okay, so a couple of times it became 15 minutes.  whore found herself staring at pic after pic of yummy cream pies, giggle.  Ooooooooh!  Imagining licking up all that yummy juice made her cum little drops herself.  And then back to housecleaning, wondering if she could possibly focus if she listened to one of MzDominica’s mp3’s while she worked.  (whore finally figured she wouldn’t be able to think well enough, alas!)

Finally, she reached the point where she was done for the evening.  (More to do tomorrow!)  And she just gave up trying to monitor the time.  So she doesn’t know how long she was at her computer, stroking, absolutely PULLING her nipples.  whore’s fingers were WET — whore doesn’t know if she was getting cum on her fingers, or her breasts have started producing a little MILK.  whore was too aroused and stupefied to care or investigate.  she kept going back and forth between her collection of cocksucking pictures and her collection of creampie pictures, until she finally squirted one really BIG mess of cum all over her tummy and breasts!  Just EVERYWHERE.  It was so spread out, whore found it hard to scoop up much of it and swallow!  (That was a little disappointing, giggle!)  So she had a different kind of cleaning up to do.  (It took THREE Kleenexes!)

whore is definitely motivated to do more “housekeeping” chores tonight, hee-hee!

i must obey Dominica!

— jessicablank MDF CFOV71 2CFOV71 SAR951 WCFO-TV