Office Domination

You have a new boss!  Me, MzDominica.  Oh, don’t worry…  In THIS corporate reorganization, your place is assured.  I want you in a position… directly UNDER Me.  Mmmmm!  Because when I’m swinging deals and reassuring investors, I get so tense… and so energized!  I need someone who can give Me a little relief… down there at My feet, hands roaming over My smooth, nylon-clad legs… caressing My feet…. mouth trailing little kisses up the insides of My thighs…  I have a VERY big desk, and you’ll never be noticed, even if someone comes into My office to get papers signed!  But you have to be QUIET, leg slave.  You have to be OBEDIENT.  So I’m leaving nothing to chance.  I’m going to condition you so I ALWAYS have My horny leg slave down there on the floor, when I need you!  And you will do EXACTLY as I say.  I’m going to use your fetish for women’s firm, smooth legs to ENSURE that you obey… and focus all your desires on Me, your CEO (Chief Erotic Obsession) MzDominica!


Office DominationLength: 22 minutes

Our Price: $25.00 $16.00


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