Suzy’s Bimbo Hose 7 – Orally Yours

Bimbo Suzy can only fuck, suck and obey.
Bimbo Suzy NEEDS to fuck, suck and obey.
In this mp3, Suzy gets to suck, suck and SUUUUUCCKKKK. Suzy gets to obey, obey and OBEY!
Don’t you feel it already? MzDominica hypnotizes you, enticing you with her handsome boyfriend. But it’s not enough for you to suck Her boyfriend’s cock, oh, no! MzDominica then turns you into Her little streetwalker, combing the sidewalks and the corners, looking for guys with hard cocks and thick rolls of cash bulging in their pants, looking to suck cocks and make money for Mistress.
You will get to cum and cum and CUMMMMM.. and not like a boy. Oh no, you will cum like a girl, all for MzDominica. You can already feeling your lips wrapping around that long, hard shaft. Buy this mp3! You MUST obey Dominica!


Length 30 min

Our price: $30.00


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