Mind Shine

Shiny… the word captivates you, mesmerizes you… what is it about shiny things? you can’t quite resist them, can you? A shiny crystal pendant. A shiny bracelet. A shiny necklace. Do you want to watch them shine and reflect the light, or do you want to WEAR them? In this MP3, you will listen to Me talk to your subconscious about shiny things. About how nice they are. How relaxing they are. The look of a Woman’s legs clad in shiny sexy hosiery. you will find yourself craving that shine, the addiction to the shine that attracts your mind. Give in to the temptation that whispers in your ear begging you to feel the nylon on your own body. Sexy shiny hose slid up your own body touching your male manhood and subliminally stroking your will away. Top it all off with the shine of latex panties to keep you snug and secure inside the nylon you now adore. A sexy easy introduction to the shine We Women enjoy all the time!


Mind ShineLength: 24 minutes

Our Price: $30.00


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